2nd Match (N), Hobart, Feb 7 2018, Trans-Tasman Twenty20 Tri-Series
(18.3/20 ov, target 156)161/5
Australia won by 5 wickets (with 9 balls remaining)
Player Of The Match
103* (58) & 3/10

11.12pm Artemis: "That's two smart innings from Maxwell in this tournament so far. A good 40 not out against NZ to prevent an embarrassing situation and now a brilliant century. Still to be dismissed after two games. That has to be mature enough for the Aussie selectors." 143 not out from 82 balls in the series ... he is in an exceptionally good place at the moment. Thanks for your comments, Australia are bossing this tournament, but can England get their revenge on Saturday? They might need to at this rate...

161 is also the lowest team total in which a player has scored a century, which is a notable stat... beating Scotland and Richie Berrington by one run!

11.03pm Well, that was fun. What a display from Maxwell. Without him, it could conceivably have been close, but with him on top form, it was a rout. He picked the slower balls like a bowl of cherries, and for the first time in T20I history, a player has made a hundred and claimed three wickets in the same match. Let's give David Willey the Man of the Match for the bantz.

Dhaval : "Surely Kings XI owners might have lost a bunch of hair as they might have pulled it hard after watching the Big Show on display today. What a player!! "

Matt Cowell: "What do ya say now Mr SPD Smith?! The Big Show has made more runs in one innings that you made in the whole ODI 5 match series!" But is he training smart?

Wood to Maxwell, SIX runs

swung mightily over the leg side, and it plops over the rope for the century! Stunning batting from the Big Show who, frankly, was the only show in town today.

Wood to Maxwell, no run

banged in short, battered hard into the covers, but can't beat the field

The field scatters to the leg side fence

Wood to Carey, 1 run

on the back foot, a tucked single to the leg side ... and Maxwell is on strike with the scores level!

end of over 1815 runs
AUS: 154/5CRR: 8.55 RRR: 1.00
Glenn Maxwell97 (56)
Alex Carey4 (4)
Tom Curran 4-0-39-0
Chris Jordan 4-0-34-0
Tom Curran to Maxwell, 2 runs

low full toss, crunched up and over the covers, just out of the reach of the back-pedalling fielder, and they come back for two ... He's probably blown his hundred now!

Tom Curran to Maxwell, FOUR runs

clears the front dog, slams the bat through the line, another slower ball is dispatched over the covers...

Tom Curran to Maxwell, 2 runs

tucked to leg, and a frantic sprint to make it back for two, keeping the strike and hustling into the 90s ... it's On!

Tom Curran to Maxwell, FOUR runs

another slower ball, and pounded through midwicket! He hangs on the back foot, waiting for the ball to arrive, then slaps it, tennis-style into the gap

James: ""No, Billings bales out of the catch and opts to defend the boundary instead" Given that England are only going to win this if they get Maxwell (and possibly others) out, that's a strange decision." He's a good fielder, one of England's best, so I guess he felt he wasn't going to reach it

Tom Curran to Maxwell, 2 runs

a slashed slog high over point, plugs in the deep and the sweeper slides round to gather

brisbanebob: "Any chance of the other batsmen adopting Maxwell's training regime?" Schrodinger's cat is showing his claws now!

Tom Curran to Carey, 1 run

short, slow, outside off, dabbed to backward point

Back comes Tom Curran, the hero of Perth...

end of over 1711 runs
AUS: 139/5CRR: 8.17 RRR: 5.66
Alex Carey3 (3)
Glenn Maxwell83 (51)
Chris Jordan 4-0-34-0
David Willey 3-0-28-3
Jordan to Carey, 1 run

inside-edged into the pads, and rolls into the off side

Jordan to Maxwell, 1 leg bye

full length once again, flicks the pads and worked to leg

Jordan to Maxwell, 2 runs

smashed in the air ... is this the chance England need? No, Billings bales out of the catch and opts to defend the boundary instead

Jordan to Maxwell, 2 runs

Maxwell is turning on the Big Show now! Battered on the up, an arrow-straight blade, and that's an excellent intercept from Billings at long-on

Jordan to Maxwell, FOUR runs

inside-out drive through point, a full-length delivery outside off, and that's tremendous

Tyler: "Terrible innings from Head. Not the first time he's played like that, going too hard at the ball without any timing."

Jordan to Carey, 1 run

on the pads and worked square

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