South Africa vs West Indies, 2nd ODI at East London, SA v WI, Mar 18 2023 - Ball by Ball Commentary

2nd ODI (D/N), East London, March 18, 2023, West Indies tour of South Africa
(41.4/50 ov, T:336) 287

West Indies won by 48 runs

Player Of The Match
128* (115) & 3 catches
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South Africa fell 48 short despite as many as 50 balls remaining. Bavuma started hitting as soon as de Kock - who smashed 48 from 26 balls fell - and kept going until the end, perhaps hinting at his new-found approach. There was no real contribution otherwise, as this match brought back memories of this ODI between South Africa and England in 2009, not least because the South Africa captains on the day got similar scores. Anyway, we bid goodbye to you until the series decider after this excellent start to the series. Goodnight from Deiva, Raghav, and me, Himanshu!

West Indies captain Shai Hope is the Player of the Match: "Temba played a brilliant innings, but catches win matches. We put ourselves under pressure... It was important for us to focus on what was ahead of us. I thought it was a difficult to start on. Once you get in, you've got to go big. You have to play the situation... Credit must go to the batting partners to make it easy for me. Brilliant start to the series"

Temba Bavuma speaks first: "Lungi and I just said to each other that you never know what can happen... If we had restricted them to around 300 considering we had got early wickets. There is nowhere else to learn... this is valuable experience. This is all about learning. We kept believing, and taking it ball by ball. Definitely not Anrich [for the third ODI]."

Time for the presentations

Kevin: "That's the most I've ever seen Joseph celebrate a wicket!"

8.56pm A day for the two captains, although only one of them would be a happy man. A shame really that Bavuma ended up on the wrong side despite a scintillating fight worth 144 - his highest ODI score - off only 118 balls. One of those days when you give everything you have, but things still don't fall in place. He could only watch, as the hosts lost 6 for 54 in a dramatic middle-order collapse. Bavuma's opposite number Hope hit 128* himself, as West Indies posted 335 - their best against South Africa in this format - and finished the day as the winner. Hang around for the presentations after this great contest.

Alzarri Joseph to Shamsi, OUT

edged, and taken by Hope again! West Indies wrap this one up after a few hiccups, and go 1-0 up in the series. Shamsi went driving at this length ball, which angled away, with Joseph offering the No. 11 something to have a go at. Shamsi fell for it, and ended up getting an outside edge after reaching out for the ball, with Hope taking it lowish to his right.

Tabraiz Shamsi c †Hope b Joseph 0 (2b 0x4 0x6) SR: 0

"@Celine looks like you are responsible indeed" --- Thanks, Sak

Alzarri Joseph to Shamsi, no run

short delivery outside off, angling in at 143kph. He sways away

Shamsi the last man

Alzarri Joseph to Bavuma, OUT

gloved down the leg side! Bavuma walks back after raising South Africa's hopes. And he gets a pat on the back from a few West Indies players. What a great fight when there was virtually nothing to play for. A slower ball - like a cutter - banged short on off, and getting it to angle down leg by Joseph. Bavuma went for the pull, but the ball bounced slightly higher and took Bavuma's glove to end into Hope's gloves, as the keeper moved to his left

Temba Bavuma c †Hope b Joseph 144 (118b 11x4 7x6) SR: 122.03

Celine: "@Himanshu: If SA does not win this, you are responsible... ok?" --- Just like how I am responsible for all their World Cup breakdowns so far?

Alzarri Joseph to Ngidi, 1 run

a late cut to deep third, as the ball is short and around sixth stump

end of over 414 runs
SA: 286/8CRR: 6.97 RRR: 5.55 • Need 50 runs from 54b
Lungi Ngidi11 (22b 1x6)
Temba Bavuma144 (117b 11x4 7x6)
Kyle Mayers 6-0-40-1
Alzarri Joseph 8-0-52-1
Mayers to Ngidi, 1 run

why do they run here? Not sure, but anyway, the ball trickled off his outside edge to short third, as he looked to defend this good length ball on off

Mayers to Ngidi, no run

goes poking at this good length ball wide of off, but is beaten

Mayers to Ngidi, no run

pushes at this length ball wide-ish of off, but finds cover

Vinod Rajpal: "This is some truly inspirational fightback from Bavuma! He's playing a magical knock!"

Mayers to Bavuma, 1 run

taps this good length ball heading into off towards point

Mayers to Ngidi, 1 run

good length, angling into his pads. Clipped towards square leg

Mayers to Bavuma, 1 run

good length ball angling into off. Pushed to extra cover, and Bavuma takes the single

Here comes Mayers

Hello then. 54 off 60. Has anyone bet on anything yet?

end of over 404 runs
SA: 282/8CRR: 7.05 RRR: 5.40 • Need 54 runs from 60b
Lungi Ngidi9 (18b 1x6)
Temba Bavuma142 (115b 11x4 7x6)
Alzarri Joseph 8-0-52-1
Yannic Cariah 5-0-47-1

Himanshu will take you through to the finish

Alzarri Joseph to Ngidi, no run

Ngidi presses forward to meet this full delivery on off. Pushed solidly to mid-off

Lyle: "Even if we lose this one, big shout outs to the captain. BAVUMA!! "

Alzarri Joseph to Ngidi, no run

Ngidi swings so very hard at this length ball outside off and does not make contact. He nearly swings himself off his feet

Alzarri Joseph to Ngidi, no run

bouncer outside off, Ngidi keeps his eyes locked on the ball before ducking under it safely

Alzarri Joseph to Bavuma, 1 run

low full-toss on middle, clipped away to deep midwicket. Bavuma is happy to take the single on offer

Nikhil : "Both captains leading from the front, let's see who brings this home. "

Rahul Mohla: "As a WI fan have seen countless heartbreaks because of dropped chances. Can't bear another one, come on WI if you can't defend 335 and can't defend anything !!"

Alzarri Joseph to Bavuma, 2 runs

very full on middle, Bavuma glances it away to left of short fine leg and right of deep square leg

Bim: "Real Captain vs Captain showdown...!!!"

Bilal Anwar: "@Mustafa Moudi: You are everywhere mate: in the PSL final and now here too. A true lover of Cricket!"

Alzarri Joseph to Ngidi, 1 run

Ngidi stays leg-side of this shortish ball outside off and stabs a single between cover and point

James : "Fair to point out that SA are missing half their strongest side (Markram, Klaasen, Miller, Rabada and Nortje). Meanwhile, if you want a closer finish, check out the PSL final. "

end of over 3918 runs
SA: 278/8CRR: 7.12 RRR: 5.27 • Need 58 runs from 66b
Temba Bavuma139 (113b 11x4 7x6)
Lungi Ngidi8 (14b 1x6)
Yannic Cariah 5-0-47-1
Alzarri Joseph 7-0-48-1
Cariah to Bavuma, no run

darted outside off, Bavuma flashes a drive on the back foot and misses

Cariah to Bavuma, no run

biting legbreak from Cariah. Shorter and turns away past the outside edge near the shoulder of the bat

Cariah to Bavuma, SIX runs

Three sixes in four balls for Bavuma. Flat and fast once again, but Bavuma's hands are even faster. He drops down to one knee and slog-sweeps it flat and hard over midwicket

Cariah to Bavuma, no run

good comeback from Cariah. Flatter and quicker, turns away past the outside edge

Mustafa Moudi : "Bavuma standing between WI and their Win. Ngidi will have to help his captain though !!"

Cariah to Bavuma, SIX runs

dragged down on the stumps, Bavuma was ready for this length on the back foot. He pummels a pull over the wide long-on boundary

Cariah to Bavuma, SIX runs

floated up on middle, too full, mid-on is up. Bavuma gets underneath the length and lifts it over that infielder

Ranjit B: "Both the top RSA performances in WPL and PSL are in the vain and now Bavuma one is also looking like to fall in the same category. "

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