2nd ODI, Leeds, May 21 1988, West Indies tour of England
(46.3/55 ov, target 187)139
England won by 47 runs
player of the match
England INNINGS (55 overs maximum)
Graham Gooch c Greenidge b Simmons32951363033.68
Chris Broad c †Dujon b Ambrose1327372048.14
Mike Gatting (c)c Richards b Marshall1842552042.85
Monte Lynch lbw b Marshall29110022.22
Allan Lamb c †Dujon b Simmons212180016.66
Derek Pringle c †Dujon b Walsh3955512170.90
Paul Downton c †Dujon b Bishop3047492063.82
John Emburey c Ambrose b Bishop820281040.00
Phil DeFreitas not out 1527381055.55
Gladstone Small not out 710160070.00
Extras(b 3, lb 1, nb 13, w 3)20
TOTAL(55 Ov, RR: 3.38)186/8
Did not bat: Graham Dilley 
Fall of wickets: 1-29 (Chris Broad), 2-64 (Mike Gatting), 3-72 (Monte Lynch), 4-80 (Allan Lamb), 5-83 (Graham Gooch), 6-149 (Derek Pringle), 7-154 (Paul Downton), 8-169 (John Emburey)
Courtney Walsh1103913.54---00
Curtly Ambrose721912.71---00
Malcolm Marshall912923.22---00
Ian Bishop1113222.90---00
Phil Simmons923023.33---00
Viv Richards803304.12---00
West Indies INNINGS (target: 187 runs from 55 overs)
Gordon Greenidge c †Downton b Small2154593038.88
Phil Simmons  b DeFreitas1670016.66
Richie Richardson c †Downton b Dilley14120025.00
Viv Richards (c) b Small31296260106.89
Gus Logie c Lynch b Dilley818290044.44
Carl Hooper lbw b Pringle1232500037.50
Jeff Dujon  b Pringle1218212066.66
Malcolm Marshall c †Downton b Gooch1640016.66
Curtly Ambrose c †Downton b Pringle2367761034.32
Courtney Walsh  b Emburey1842661042.85
Ian Bishop not out 2780028.57
Extras(lb 3, nb 3, w 3)9
TOTAL(46.3 Ov, RR: 2.98)139
Fall of wickets: 1-2 (Phil Simmons), 2-11 (Richie Richardson), 3-38 (Gordon Greenidge), 4-67 (Viv Richards), 5-67 (Gus Logie), 6-83 (Jeff Dujon), 7-84 (Malcolm Marshall), 8-104 (Carl Hooper), 9-132 (Curtly Ambrose), 10-139 (Courtney Walsh)
Graham Dilley1104524.09---00
Phil DeFreitas922913.22---00
Gladstone Small921121.22---00
Derek Pringle1103032.72---00
Graham Gooch301214.00---00
John Emburey3.30912.57---00
Headingley, Leeds
TossWest Indies, elected to field first
SeriesWest Indies tour of England
Player Of The Match
Derek Pringle
Derek Pringle
Series resultEngland led the 3-match series 2-0
Match numberODI no. 519
Match daysday(55-over match)
ODI debut
Ian Bishop
Ian Bishop
England Image
David Constant
England Image
David Shepherd
  • Attendance: 17,450
  • The first ODI series victory against WI in England