West Indies Women INNINGS (20 overs maximum)
Kycia Knight not out 11700100.00
Natasha McLean run out (Jensen/†Priest)3740042.85
Kyshona Knight not out 2420050.00
Extras(w 1)1
TOTAL(2 Ov, RR: 3.50)7/1
Fall of wickets: 1-4 (Natasha McLean, 1.2 ov)
Morna Nielsen10404.00---00
Sophie Devine10303.00---10
New Zealand Women Team
Suzie Bates Allrounder
Sophie Devine (c)Batting allrounder
Holly Huddleston Bowler
Hayley Jensen Bowler
Felicity Leydon-Davis -
Katie Perkins Middle order batter
Nicola Browne -
Sam Curtis -
Rachel Priest Wicketkeeper batter
Katey Martin Wicketkeeper batter
Morna Nielsen -
Queen's Park, Invercargill
TossNew Zealand Women, elected to field first
SeriesWest Indies Women tour of New Zealand
Series resultNew Zealand Women led the 5-match series 1-0
Match numberT20I no. 238
Hours of play (local time)14.00 start, First Session 14.00-15.20, Interval 15.20-15.40, Second Session 15.40-17.00
Match days2 March 2014 - day(20-over match)
WT20I debut
Felicity Leydon-Davis
Felicity Leydon-Davis
Holly Huddleston
Holly Huddleston
Sam Curtis
Sam Curtis
New Zealand Image
Gary Baxter
New Zealand Image
Wayne Knights
  • 12th: FL Mackay (New Zealand Women), CA Henry (West Indies Women)
  • Scorers: MF Jones and SA Mollison
  • West Indies Women innings
  • 3rd Umpire: DK Hiroki
  • Fielding Restriction Overs: Overs 0.1 - 6.0
  • Rain: West Indies Women - 7/1 in 2.0 overs (Kycia A Knight 1, Kyshona A Knight 2)