15th Match, Group B, Sydney, Mar 1 2020, ICC Women's T20 World Cup
(20 ov, target 137)119/5
SA Women won by 17 runs
player of the match
Laura Wolvaardt
South Africa Women
end of over 2011 runs
PAK-W: 119/5CRR: 5.95 
Aliya Riaz39 (32)
Iram Javed17 (18)
Ayabonga Khaka4-0-33-0
Shabnim Ismail4-1-17-1

South Africa through to the semi finals with a 17 run win! A very good performance with the ball without Marizanne Kapp from South Africa. Ismail, Mlaba and van Niekerk were particularly frugal on a tough surface. There were two unfortunate run outs. One was a horror mix up but Javeria Khan was really unlucky when she was starting to get going.

The difference in the game was Laura Wolvaardt and she is the Player of the Match. "I think this is definitely the most valuable contribution I've made to this team. I'm just really honoured to be here today. No.5 is a new role for me. A lot more freedom with the field out. I really enjoyed it. It was slower and lower than we expected but we were able to adapt."

Javeria Khan: "In the last overs of fielding and bowling we lost our way a bit. It was a slow wicket so we should have restricted them under 120 and the game would be different. We were not able to execute our plans well and bowl according to our field. And this was the main reason. Nothing to take away from Wolvaardt. She took her time and played some good shots. I think it was a good effort with our batting. We just have to realise when is the time to take charge. I think we got a bit late in taking charge. We should have started when I got out and then 4-5 overs were not up to the mark. We need to understand what's the score and how many can we chase. As a unit we will sit back and try discover how to do this as a team."

Dane van Niekerk: "I am really happy. I have to give credit to Pakistan. They gave us a massive go throughout the whole game. They kept coming at us and kept coming at us. It was an incredible innings from Laura. It was only her third time batting at No.5. She is only used to batting at the top. For her to display her skill like that and getting us that winning total, the way she went about it, she is mature beyond her years. She is already an incredible cricketer but I think she is going to be one of the legends."

shaz : "like i said..PAK should have been chasing less than 120 and also Iram should have come before Sidra Nawaz...valiant effort ladies.. still one more game to go.. beat Thailand and finish on a positive.."

South Africa through to the semi-finals along with India. England now have an opportunity to sew up a spot in the next game against the West Indies which is coming on this same pitch. Thanks for your company in this one.

Khaka to Aliya Riaz, 1 run

109kph, full on off, she squared drives and it's fielded by Luus

Khaka to Aliya Riaz, 2 runs

106kph, full and straight, she advances again and drives wide of long off for a couple

Khaka to Iram Javed, 1 run

106kph, low full toss, she charges and drives this to cover on the circle

Khaka to Aliya Riaz, 1 run

yorker length on off, she advances and squeezes this out to cover

Khaka to Aliya Riaz, FOUR runs

low full toss on leg and it's hammered high and wide of long on! Good strike but not enough.

Khaka to Aliya Riaz, 2 runs

dropped by Ismail at deep midwicket! Tough chance. Slower ball, she swung this away in the air to deep midwicket, Ismail ran in, looking into the sun, got tow hands to it but spilled it

Khaka will finish the game

end of over 198 runs
PAK-W: 108/5CRR: 5.68 • RRR: 29.00 • Need 29 runs from 6b
Iram Javed16 (17)
Aliya Riaz29 (27)
Shabnim Ismail4-1-17-1
Ayabonga Khaka3-0-22-0
Ismail to Iram Javed, no run

good length angled into the top of off, she moves leg side and carves this straight to cover

Ismail to Aliya Riaz, 1 run

chest high short ball, she pulls straight to du Preez at forward square, there's a run out chance but the throw is wide

Ismail to Iram Javed, 1 run

good length, fourth stump, she sits back and dabs this to short third man

Ismail to Aliya Riaz, 1 run

slower ball, back of a length, she cuts hard but mistimes this to backward point

Ismail to Aliya Riaz, FOUR runs

short and wide and cut over backward point! She shuffled leg side, it was a pace on ball, chest high, she freed the arms and hammered the cut up and over the ring

Ismail to Iram Javed, 1 run

123kph, full outside off, she drives powerfully through cover-point but straight to the sweeper in the deep

37 needed from 12 balls