Florence Hall, Mar 9 2007, World Cup Warm-up Matches
(target 86)86/1
India won by 9 wickets (with 189 balls remaining)

India were probably expecting to be tested in this game but the home side failed to do so. Karthik and Uthappa knew exactly how to play on this pitch and were prepared to bide their time at the crease rather than blast away. Therefore, it can be fair to say that West Indies paid the price for some poor shot selection and the Indian bowlers did what was expected of them.

The batting collapse will come for some introspection. West Indies' opening game against Kenya was a wake-up call for the bowling and Lara, speaking after the match, said that West Indies will have to sort out their batting line-up in particular and approach such situations more professionally.

Despite the emphatic win, India's biggest concern is undoubtedly Virender Sehwag, who fell without scoring today. Sehwag has the backing of his captain Rahul Dravid, who still believes he [Sehwag] has a big role to play in this tournament. Perhaps a slot in the middle order might just bring his confidence back.

Coming back to West Indies, it's important the home fans don't lose heart after this performance. We know they are a far better side than what we saw today and I personally feel that they have it in them to hit back hard once the tournament gets underway.

For a summary of the day's play, you may read Sriram Veera's bulletin

and the verdict

by Anand Vasu.

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Bravo to Uthappa, (no ball)

an an overstep settles the issue! Uthappa pushes a fullish delivery to the on side

Bravo to Karthik, 1 run

good length on off stump swinging away, Karthik opens the face and nudges it wide of gully

Bravo to Karthik, no run

slips down the leg side, Karthik fails to get it away, Ashoka de Silva has a look at it but decides not to call that a wide

Bravo to Karthik, 2 runs

flick of the wrists, Karthik finds the gap between mid-on and midwicket, the ball just stops before the boundary

end of over 181 run
INDIA: 82/1CRR: 4.55 
Robin Uthappa35 (42)
Dinesh Karthik35 (64)
Jerome Taylor 6-0-31-0
Taylor to Uthappa, no run

defended back to the bowler again

Taylor to Uthappa, no run

good length ball on middle, Uthappa gets forward and drives to the off side

Taylor to Uthappa, no run

Taylor bangs it in, Uthappa decides to do nothing with it, left alone to Ramdin

One hit should do it

Taylor to Karthik, 1 run

width offered outside off stump, Karthik cuts, Dwayne Smith charges from cover and makes a neat save

Taylor to Karthik, no run

pitched closer to the batsman, defended on the front foot back to the bowler

Taylor to Karthik, no run

good length outside off swinging in, Karthik gets forward and pushed it towards mid-off

end of over 176 runs
INDIA: 81/1CRR: 4.76 
Robin Uthappa35 (39)
Dinesh Karthik34 (61)
Dwayne Bravo 2-0-11-0
Bravo to Uthappa, no run
Bravo to Karthik, 1 leg bye

drifting on the pads, karthik fails to get bat on it, ball hits the pad, rolls towards forward short leg region and the batsmen pick up an easy run

Bravo to Karthik, no run
Bravo to Karthik, no run

pushed towards the off side on the front foot

Bravo to Karthik, FOUR runs

overpitched on leg, flicked away langorously over square leg, Karthik is in form and it really shows!

Bravo to Uthappa, 1 run

on the pads, Uthappa turns it away towards square leg