3rd Match, Khulna, Jan 20 2016, Zimbabwe tour of Bangladesh [Jan 2016]
(20 ov, target 188)156/6
Zimbabwe won by 31 runs
player of the match
end of over 2012 runs
BDESH: 156/6CRR: 7.80 
Muktar Ali19 (15)
Nurul Hasan30 (17)
Brian Vitori4-0-45-0
Taurai Muzarabani3-0-41-0

6:35pm: After whipping up their third-highest score in T20Is, Zimbabwe asphyxiated Bangladesh's chase. Sabbir extended his good form and struck a fifty, but Chisoro, Cremer, and Raza tied the hosts down. The asking rate shot up, scoreboard pressure told, and Bangladesh's chances were extinguished with the wicket of Shakib.

Mashrafe: It is a big lesson. The bowling wasn't there. Rain helped Zimbabwe batters, but credit to them. A few newcomers are good. By playing one match, you can't gauge anything. The last match, we will have to come back strongly. It was 170-wicket but the ball started to grip after the rain.

Hamilton: Good to be back in the series. Early on, we spoke of the middle order coming together. They did it today; it was a complete performance. Think there would be more changes in the last game as well.

Waller is the Man of the Match

Waller: The guys are happy to finally get a win. We have been positing good scores, and we came out on top. We gave the chance to the bowlers to hit the yorkers. The ball came on nicely, then it stuck a bit.

That is all we have for you. Hope you enjoyed our coverage. Hope you tune in for the fourth T20 too, on Friday. Ta, ta for now.

JimmyA: "Good job Hammie. He used his spinners well."

Elton Phiri: "Well done Zimbabwe!!! Waller/Cremer for the man of the match award.."

Vitori to Muktar Ali, 1 run

blockhole ball on off, hit to long-off. Zimbabwe stay alive in the series

Vitori to Muktar Ali, FOUR runs

low full toss on off, this is sliced away behind point, beats the two men behind square

Vitori to Muktar Ali, no run

full on middle, Ali backs away and lashes it to cover

Vitori to Nurul, 1 run

full and outside off, carved to sweeper cover

Vitori to Nurul, FOUR runs

Nurul steps out, picks it off his thigh, and flicks it past short fine leg for four

Vitori to Nurul, 2 runs

Vitori brings out another slower ball of his own. The batsman shuffles across off and misses the scoop. Mutumbami is beaten as well

end of over 1918 runs
BDESH: 144/6CRR: 7.57 • RRR: 44.00 • Need 44 runs from 6b
Muktar Ali14 (12)
Nurul Hasan23 (14)
Taurai Muzarabani3-0-41-0
Brian Vitori3-0-33-0
Muzarabani to Muktar Ali, SIX runs

leg-breakish slower ball outside off, the batsman waits and swings it over long-off

Muzarabani to Nurul, 1 run

Nurul walks down the track and lofts it to long-on

Muzarabani to Muktar Ali, 1 run
Muzarabani to Nurul, 1 run

full, another slower ball. Poked towards point

Muzarabani to Nurul, 1 wide

leg-side wide

Muzarabani to Nurul, FOUR runs

full, another slower ball outside off. Pasted over the covers. Nurul manufactures his own pace

Muzarabani to Nurul, FOUR runs

short, slower ball on middle. Slogged in the gap between deep midwicket and long-on