1st T20I (N), Sharjah, Jan 8 2016, Zimbabwe tour of United Arab Emirates
(20 ov, target 188)182/7
Afghanistan won by 5 runs
Player Of The Match
37 (20) & 1/28
end of over 2015 runs • 2 wickets
ZIM: 182/7CRR: 9.10 
Malcolm Waller49 (37)
Dawlat Zadran 4-0-32-3
Mohammad Nabi 3-0-31-1

12.00am It is midnight, and we have had a T20 game to remember. Let's hope the second game will be just as thrilling. Do join us for that. Until then, goodbye!

11.55pm On the two beamers: The bowler will not be allowed to continue if he has been warned before bowling the second one. Dawlat was not warned after he bowled the first beamer.

Anyway, it's time for the presentation. Gulbadin Naib is the man of the match. He says it was difficult to bowl with the dew, but they practiced in the nets with a wet ball so they were prepared for it.

Elton Chigumbura: "I thought the guys played well today. It was difficult for all the bowlers. Quite a flat wicket, but the spinners brought us back nicely." He's clearly not happy with the umpiring decisions: "Some of the decisions, you can't really control them, but I thought we had a good chance, obviously, if other things went our way, which I can't mention."

Asghar Stanikzai: "It was a thrilling game, Waller and Jongwe played very well. It's a funny game. Dew is too much, that's why the two beamers. Otherwise he's a good bowler. Naib is in good form and played very well again today." Then he says something in his native language, and gets a big cheer from the Afghanistan fans in the crowd - it's a pity there's no interpreter.

Vikram: "Why is the run by Waller of the no ball not added to the score ??" -- Apparently, it's a rule that if a batsman is caught and on the TV referral it is shown to be a no-ball, the strike will be changed for the cross-over, but the run will not be awarded to the batsman. If the square leg umpire had called the no-ball on the field, the batsman would have been awarded that run.

Sushil: "What a game all excitement ! well said on the commentary " Afghanistan won by 2 meters" isn't it? As the last shot almost went for a six fall short by 2 meters."

Ikram: "AAAAAaaaaaahhhhhh.... What a stunner of the match this was. ICC please, I beg you, please make these teams play against each more often. Globalize this sport please!!!"

11.42pm Some controversy at the end, but forget that for a moment, what a match this was. Tremendous effort from Waller and Raza in particular to take them so close when they had needed 12 an over from the last six overs, but Zimbabwe falling just short. Chigumbura has some angry words with the umpires - I'm sure the fact that Dawlat was allowed to continue bowling after those two high full-tosses, and the tight wide call going Afghanistan's way, will be talked about for a while now.

Zadran to Jongwe, OUT

full and wide, slices it high over the off side, he's hit it well, and... and he's found the man at deep cover. Simple catch at chest height for Gulbadin Naib, and he tumbles to his left as he completes it

Luke Jongwe c Gulbadin Naib b Dawlat Zadran 11 (5b 1x4 1x6) SR: 220

Whoa, more tension. Dawlat runs up all the way, loses his run-up, and just runs through the crease without delivering the ball. Phew.

Six runs off the last ball. Had to come down to this, didn't it?

Zadran to Jongwe, no run

wide yorker a long way outside off, looks to squeeze it behind point, and he can't connect. It isn't far from the wide tramline, but it isn't called wide. Phew. Quite a tight call, that

Zadran to Jongwe, FOUR runs

full outside off, and Jongwe shaves four more runs off the target, slicing it away over backward point and there's no stopping that

10 off 3. Dawlat with a slippery ball.

Zadran to Jongwe, SIX runs

short ball, long-hop, and Jongwe has pulled that over midwicket and out of the ground. I don't know how many balls have been lost in this match, I've lost count

Free hit...

Zadran to Waller, (no ball)

another high full-toss, this one is at the batsman, and he swings across the line and top-edges it high and it's caught by the keeper. They check replays to see if it's over waist high, and it definitely is. Another no-ball. I'm wondering how he's being allowed to continue this over. Two high full-tosses normally means you can't bowl anymore, right?

Zadran to Jongwe, 1 run

slower ball, full and wide outside off, jabbed away to point to bring Waller on strike

Five balls still to go, for those of you who've lost count. 18 to get, and Jongwe is the new man.

Zadran to Chigumbura, 1 run, OUT

sets himself up deep in his crease and Dawlat bowls it full and wide. Slices it up in the air and is caught at sweeper cover. They chance a second run even though it's gone straight to the fielder, and the throw is good and flat, catches Chigumbura well short as he tries to dive into the crease. It's all happening here

Elton Chigumbura run out (Gulbadin Naib/†Mohammad Shahzad) 8 (7b 0x4 1x6) SR: 114.28

Free-hit coming up.

Zadran to Chigumbura, (no ball)

is that the dew? It's a high full-toss outside off, seemed to slip out of his hand, definitely over waist high, and he concedes a no-ball even as Chigumbura swings and misses

Zadran to Chigumbura, 1 wide

looks for the wide yorker, and it's just a touch too wide to be a legal delivery. Puts his hand up to pacify Shahzad

21 from six balls. You would back Dawlat Zadran to defend this, but two excellent strikers of the ball are at the crease.

end of over 1915 runs
ZIM: 167/5CRR: 8.78 RRR: 21.00
Elton Chigumbura7 (5)
Malcolm Waller49 (36)
Mohammad Nabi 3-0-31-1
Amir Hamza 4-0-23-1
M Nabi to Chigumbura, 1 run

down the track to the slowly tossed-up ball outside off, can't get any elevation on it, too close to the pitch of it, drives to long-off for a single

M Nabi to Chigumbura, SIX runs

down the track, converts this tossed-up ball into a full-toss, and meets it with a straight bat and easily clears long-on. Such a clean strike

M Nabi to Waller, 1 run

tossed up wide of off stump, sliced over the top, and Rashid, running in from the cover point boundary, drops a low catch

M Nabi to Waller, SIX runs

down the track, boom, out of the ground! It lands in the perfect spot for that shot, outside off, not too full, and he can go with the turn and clout that over wide long-on

M Nabi to Chigumbura, 1 leg bye

keeps a bit low again as he jumps down the pitch and looks to slog across the line, hits his back leg and rolls away into the off side. Appeal for lbw, but that seemed to strike him outside the line

M Nabi to Chigumbura, no run

shortish outside off, keeps a bit low to sneak under the attempted pull

Thirty six from two overs. Chigumbura on strike. Nabi to bowl. If I were the captain, I would probably have given Dawlat this over, but then, I'm not the Afghanistan captain.