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Zimbabwe vs West Indies, 6th Match at Bulawayo, , Nov 25 2016 - Ball by Ball Commentary

6th Match, Bulawayo, November 25, 2016, Zimbabwe Tri-Nation Series
(49/49 ov) 218/8
(27.3/27.3 ov, T:130) 124/5

Zimbabwe won by 5 runs (D/L method)

Player Of The Match
42* (35) & 2/23
Full commentary

Right, folks. Not the rainy finish we hoped for, but that's how it goes sometimes. What a tri-series we've had so far. Little bit of rain, last-ball thrillers and some sparkling stroke-play. Let's hope we have a cracking final. Hope to see you then. Cheers!

Tendai Chisoro is the Player of the Match. "It didn't matter if I won this award. What mattered was if we won or lost. I'm happy we've given something to cheer for our home fans. I was told I'd open the bowling only in the break. It was great to pick those wickets and help the team."

Graeme Cremer: No one likes a game interrupted by rain, but that partnership to get us to 218 was outstanding. Credit to the guys. The wicket got wet and didn't spin as much for us, but credit to our bowlers later to make the job a lot easier for us. We're hoping the rain stays away on Sunday and the rain stays away. I thought West Indies were unlucky throughout the tournament. They played some good cricket and it's sad to see them out, but we're happy to have played some outstanding cricket.

Jason Holder: We're disappointed for not being able to finish off the game. Credit to Zimbabwe, we lost wickets upfront. Raza played an outstanding innings, he controlled the innings well. We lacked the killer instincts, but we're trying to gel together. It's important to lead from the front. I did that with the ball. I'm trying to do my best for this team, but we somehow fell short in the batting department. Looking back, the hospitality here was excellent. It was the first time for a lot of us here. It would have been nice to be here, play the final and spend a few more days here, but that's how the game goes.

5.24pm Well, no soon than I typed 'enter', Liam pings me with the news that both sides are shaking hands. Zimbabwe are through to the final. They will meet Sri Lanka on Sunday at the same venue. Let's hope the weather clears by then.

The star for them today? Tendai Chisoro. He had a highest ODI score of 12 prior to today. Came out and swung his way to a 35-ball 42 in a record ninth-wicket stand of 81 with Sikandar Raza to lift them to 218. Then, his early strikes with the new ball set West Indies back.

5.22pm Nothing new to report, folks. It looks like West Indies may have to pack their bags. Two games, two opportunities missed and then this. Had they lost one wicket less, they would have qualified. That said, the scoring rate increased tremendously after Jason Holder came out to bat. It's a game of thin lines, folks. Unfortunate, but that's how it is. Zimbabwe will be over the moon, though.

4.45pm Not looking good, folks. Liam, who is at the ground, says, "It's still raining, so no word on a possible restart time. We'll be swiftly approaching the cut-off time now, though, which should be around 5pm. And, from what I can see, there's possibly even worse weather headed our way from the north-east. Even if we do manage to get back on, the light's going to be iffy soon as well." The cut-off time for a restart is 5.34pm.

rajiv mel: "I reckon that if Holder is relieved of the burden of leadership he will blossom into the game's best all rounder. "

Abiserck: "Zimbabwe having all possible results in this Tri-series..Defeat,Tie,No Results, and Victory.."

Chaitu: "Aren't WI into the final with 7 points as Zim sure not to win the bonus point ?" West Indies are on seven and Zimbabwe are on four points as of now. West Indies are behind by five runs on Duckworth-Lewis, which means Zimbabwe win and take four points to edge out West Indies by a point.

4.00pm Umpires are having a chat. West Indies are five runs behind on DL method. The covers are coming on. Players are going off. If play ends as things stand, Zimbabwe will meet Sri Lanka in the final. There's concern in the West Indies camp. They're looking up to the heavens. They will not just need the rain to relent, but also hope that the light gets better. It's been dark and gloomy. There are no floodlights here either. Nervous wait. The rain has gotten heavier. All the covers are coming on. The main square has been covered.

Cremer to Holder, 1 run

uppish but just past the bowler, towards long-on. This one gripped on the surface as Holder went for a hard push

Cremer to Carter, 1 run

tossed up on middle and leg, punched wide of the bowler to long-on

Cremer to Carter, no run

shapes for a cut but went through too early. The ball skid on to beat the edge

Cremer is back. Drizzle has gotten heavier.

end of over 275 runs
WI: 122/5CRR: 4.51 RRR: 4.40
Jonathan Carter42 (54b 4x4)
Jason Holder21 (16b 3x4 1x6)
Sean Williams 7-1-18-2
Chris Mpofu 3-0-24-0
Williams to Carter, 1 run

whipped off his hip to deep square leg

Boundary rider comes in to mid-off

Williams to Carter, 2 runs

rocks back and punches it into the gap at cover, the man in the deep was caught napping. Williams is very angry that they conceded two when it should have just been one. Chisoro the culprit

Williams to Holder, 1 run

clears his front leg and eases it with the spin to deep cover

Williams to Holder, no run

driven but straight to cover.

Williams from over the wicket

Williams to Holder, no run

firm push but well stopped by the bowler moving to his left

Williams to Carter, 1 run

short outside off, he makes some room and cuts it to deep point

end of over 269 runs
WI: 117/5CRR: 4.50 RRR: 4.43
Jason Holder20 (13b 3x4 1x6)
Jonathan Carter38 (51b 4x4)
Chris Mpofu 3-0-24-0
Sean Williams 6-1-13-2
Mpofu to Holder, SIX runs

didn't get to the pitch of the ball but went through with the stroke and lofted it cleanly down the ground. Hit that straight as a dye. Made room, freed his arms and hammered it away. What punch!

West Indies are 16 behind the DL par score at this stage

Mpofu to Holder, no run

slower delivery on middle and leg that beats the inside edge and hits him on the thigh pad

Mpofu to Holder, no run

crunched down the ground, but straight to mid-off

Mpofu to Carter, 1 run

helped down to fine leg. Too short and down leg. Shouts of 'Oh, no!' from Mpofu the moment he delivered that

Mpofu to Carter, 2 runs

flicked uppishly but into the gap at midwicket, excellent work by Raza, who run all the way around the ropes from deep square to cut that off through a slide

Mpofu to Carter, no run

nips away from the length are on middle, he plays it back down the ground with a straight bat

end of over 253 runs
WI: 108/5CRR: 4.32 RRR: 4.62
Jason Holder14 (10b 3x4)
Jonathan Carter35 (48b 4x4)
Sean Williams 6-1-13-2
Chris Mpofu 2-0-15-0
Williams to Holder, no run

fired into middle from around the stumps, driven firmly but Raza throws himself to his right to pull off a one-handed stop

Williams to Holder, no run

eased with the spin to Raza at cover

Williams to Holder, 2 runs

flighted outside off, he opens the bat face slightly to drive that to the left of sweeper cover

Williams to Holder, no run

squared up by slow turn, but he can adjust late and defend

Williams to Carter, 1 run

gets a thick outside edge that rolls past short third man, they scamper a run

Williams to Carter, no run

lunges forward and smothers the spin