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Zimbabwe vs India, 3rd T20I at Harare, ZIM v IND, Jul 10 2024 - Ball by Ball Commentary

3rd T20I, Harare, July 10, 2024, India tour of Zimbabwe
(20 ov, T:183) 159/6

India won by 23 runs

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end of over 2018 runs
ZIM: 159/6CRR: 7.95 
Dion Myers65 (49b 7x4 1x6)
Wellington Masakadza18 (10b 1x4 1x6)
Avesh Khan 4-0-39-2
Ravi Bishnoi 4-0-37-0

Another clinical victory for India despite that late fight back from Zimbabwe. Sudarshanan's report should be up soon, but that is all from us tonight. The fourth T20I is on Saturday so a couple of days off for the players. Do join us for the game then, but till then this is me Ashish Pant signing off on behalf of Sudarshanan and Thilak. Ciao!

Shubman Gill: Was a crucial match for us and the way we started with batting and bowling, it was remarkable. [On not reaching 200, was it a let down?] Did look like that, but the wicket was a bit double paced, the odd ball was gripping and it was not easy to hit the length ball. We just wanted to keep hitting the length with the ball as well. We know if there is something in the wicket, it will be there for the bowlers. Everyone has contributed, right from openers, to bowlers.

Sikandar Raza: [What went wrong] Think it is the fielding again. We are very proud of it but the wheels are coming off again. We gave away 20 runs extra. We still have problems at the top, but we are backing the boys. I know they are trying and once they do, we will come good again. We have tried 15 different [opening] partners in a year and a half. There is a lot of cricket going in the country. We are trying to do everything. It is time we players including me take the responsibility. I can accept some mistakes from the young side but the seniors need to step up. But we need to back them. Bennett is doing well at no. 3. This is the best we have and this is the best that we can do. We have to stop talking about him [Muzarabani] because he has been fantastic. The game always rewards you, always does.

Washington Sundar is the player of the match: Feels amazing, honestly. Every time I play for the country, it seems amazing. It was a better wicket. There was something more for the bowlers in the first two games. The way Zimbabwe batters played, did put pressure on us. They [Myers and Madande] did put a lot of pressure on us. We wanted to execute everything in our plans. Hopefully, we can explore Zimbabwe. We want to finish the series on Saturday.

Do hang around for the presentation.

Sowmya : "Misfields have cost Zimbabwe this match. What a fight from Myers !!!"

Amey: "Khaleel and Sundar's spells were the difference at the end"

Avesh Khan: Very happy, have been wanting to improve every match. Just want to perform well for my team in very game. I don't have any preference while bowling. But I just want to bowl with a mindset of taking wickets. Shubman is a bowler's captain. He listens to the bowlers and sticks to the plan. [Bishnoi catch] It was a great catch. He is a terrific fielder, you have seen in the IPL and international cricket. He works a lot on his fielding.

4.09pm A few wickets in hand, intent in the first half and this result could well have been different. But the end result is that India have taken a 2-1 lead in the five-match series. Chasing 183, Zimbabwe scored 60 for 5 in the first ten overs, and 99 for 1 in the last ten. That they came back into the game was down to 77-run sixth-wicket stand between Dion Myers and Clive Madande. Myers scored his maiden T20I fifty finishing unbeaten on 65 off 49 balls. Zimbabwe will also be ruing the number of misfields and dropped catches in the first innings that helped India get away to 182 in the first place. For India, Washington Sundar was the pick of the bowlers with 3 for 15 while Avesh also took two wickets.

Avesh Khan to Myers, 1 leg bye

Fuller on leg stump, he walks right across, misses the flicks and is rapped on the pad as Avesh appeals. Not given and India have taken the review. That rapped him on the full on the boot. No bat involved, on we go. The ball is missing the leg stump, but India have won the third T20I by 23 runs.

Avesh Khan to Myers, FOUR runs

Four more! Width again and punished again. Short and wide, he flays it over backward point for another boundary as Myers moves into the 60s

Avesh Khan to Myers, FOUR runs

Thick outside edge that flies past short third man. Banged in short outside off. Was the slower ball again, but this time there was width on offer. He throws his bat at it and gets four

Avesh Khan to Masakadza, 1 run

Length ball outside off, he gets it to long on

Avesh Khan to Masakadza, SIX runs

Take that, says Masakadza! Banged in short outside off, he clears his front leg and smokes it in the gap between deep midwicket and long-on. That went 84 m.

Zimbabwe need 42 off six balls

Avesh Khan to Masakadza, 2 runs

Back of a length ball outside off, he slaps it away to deep midwicket's right. They take a couple of runs

end of over 1916 runs
ZIM: 141/6CRR: 7.42 RRR: 42.00 • Need 42 runs from 6b
Dion Myers57 (46b 5x4 1x6)
Wellington Masakadza9 (7b 1x4)
Ravi Bishnoi 4-0-37-0
Avesh Khan 3-0-22-2
Ravi Bishnoi to Myers, 2 runs

Goes again but Rinku covers a lot of ground and saves two. Flatter wrong'un on middle stump. He hacks it away to the left of deep midwicket but the fielder sprints across and hauls the ball in with both hands

Ravi Bishnoi to Myers, SIX runs

What a way to reach you maiden T20I fifty! Googly but that was right in Myers' slot on off stump. He stays leg side of the ball and smashes it over deep midwicket for a huge six

Ravi Bishnoi to Masakadza, 1 run

Looks to go again, but does not time it as well. The ball goes to deep midwicket

Ravi Bishnoi to Masakadza, FOUR runs

Splits the gap with authority. Wrong'un angling across Masakadza but was in his slot. He clears his front leg and flat-bats it in the gap between deep midwicket and long-on

Rob: "Myers has played well, but he allowed too many dots"

Ravi Bishnoi to Myers, 1 run

Flatter on off, he miscues to long off

Ravi Bishnoi to Myers, 2 runs

Darts the googly in at 103kph on off stump. He punches it to the left of deep extra cover for a couple of runs

Zimbabwe need 58 runs in 12 balls. Win Probability: ZIM 0.08% * IND 99.92%

Bishnoi now for his final over

end of over 186 runs
ZIM: 125/6CRR: 6.94 RRR: 29.00 • Need 58 runs from 12b
Dion Myers46 (42b 5x4)
Wellington Masakadza4 (5b)
Avesh Khan 3-0-22-2
Washington Sundar 4-0-15-3
Avesh Khan to Myers, 1 run

Back to the slower ball into the surface outside off, he hacks it to long on

Avesh Khan to Myers, 2 runs

Fuller on the stumps, he shimmies down and slams it back towards Avesh who gets a hand to it and parries towards long on. They take two, nevertheless

Avesh Khan to Masakadza, 1 run

On-pace now outside off, was a back of a length ball. He is late into his shot and can only bunt it to mid-off

Avesh Khan to Masakadza, no run

Similar lengths to what Khaleel was bowling. Into the pitch angling away from Masakadza, who looks to pulls away but can't connect

Avesh Khan to Myers, 1 run

Slower offcutter well outside off. Batter has to reach for it as he cuts it to backward point

Avesh Khan to Masakadza, 1 run

Banged in short at an uncomfortable height for Masakadza around leg stump. He gets rapped on the gloves with the ball rolling to short fine leg

Avesh back on from over the wicket

end of over 177 runs • 1 wicket
ZIM: 119/6CRR: 7.00 RRR: 21.33 • Need 64 runs from 18b
Wellington Masakadza2 (2b)
Dion Myers42 (39b 5x4)
Washington Sundar 4-0-15-3
Khaleel Ahmed 4-0-15-1

Arjun_M: "Khaleel needs more games like today's. He's got a lot in his favour - height, pace, hint of swing, and he bowls left-arm."

Sundar to Masakadza, 1 run

Darted in on middle stump, he stays back and pulls to deep midwicket

Stays around

Sundar to Myers, 1 run

Flatter outside off, he punches it to wide long off

Goes around

Win Probability
IND 100%
100%50%100%IND InningsZIM Innings

Over 20 • ZIM 159/6

India won by 23 runs
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