Luus and Tryon's mid-pitch meeting

Sune Luus was run-out after a collision with Chloe Tryon Getty Images

The run out
Sarah Taylor is known for her impish brilliance behind the stumps but she displayed the more conventional fielding skills of a good eye and fast arm to run out Dane van Niekerk. Facing Danielle Hazell's offspin, van Niekerk was hit on the pad trying to work to leg. The ensuing appeal was declined but, as the batsmen attempted a run, Taylor raced after the ball, which hadn't got off the square, whipped off a keeping glove and shattered the bowler's-end stumps. Van Niekerk's half-hearted stretch for the line didn't help her cause.

The mid-pitch meeting
There might have been a second on offer when Sune Luus chipped Jenny Gunn out towards deep extra cover but momentum and a crucial lack of eye contact colluded to give England a farcical run-out. Luus swerved to run up the same side of the pitch as her partner, Chloe Tryon, and they ended up sprinting straight towards each other for the second. The collision felled both and although Gunn couldn't collect the throw at the bowler's end, midwicket relayed it to Taylor - who caught it over her head before tumbling over in completing the dismissal. Luus, possibly still dazed and confused, came off worst in every sense.

The part-timer
Charlotte Edwards doesn't bowl too often these days and when she came on for an over of right-arm fill-in there were a few flakes of rust floating around. Her first ball was a full toss that Tryon seized upon, skipping out to club it high towards long-on. Lydia Greenway, one of England's best fielders, went back as far as she could go before attempting some hang time but could only manage to tip it over the rope. Edwards, summoning 18 years of international experience, ensured only three more runs came off the over.

The paddle
Bowling is one thing but Edwards is currently in the groove with the bat. When Marizanne Kapp pitched the ball up outside off stump, Edwards was quickly down into a crouching position, attempting to flick the ball through fine leg. That's where the ball ended up, though it seemed to pass through the stumps on the way, an inside edge making Edwards' stroke a more precision paddle than was perhaps intended.