The appeal
During his international career, Adam Gilchrist developed a reputation as a "walker", but when Ajit Chandila made an appeal for his wicket in the third over of the innings, Gilchrist was incensed. Shaun Marsh had hit the ball to mid-on and, on seeing the ball fielded there, Gilchrist was on his way back into his crease at the non-striker's end, when the incoming throw hit him on the glove. As he fended the ball, Gilchrist had taken his bat out of the crease and Chandila collected the ball and broke the stumps, shouting out an appeal. Gilchrist was unimpressed, immediately directing an animated scolding at Chandila, before Rahul Dravid stepped in, withdrew the appeal and placated tempers.

The dipping delivery
Even at 40, it's a rare ball that makes Rahul Dravid seem inept. Yet that's just what Bipul Sharma delivered in his second ball of IPL 2013. Sharma tossed it up, angled into Dravid, and with the batsman having decided to play across the line, the ball began to dip and drift further towards his pads. Dravid ended up missing it by a distance - though he might feel it was not his most erudite shot selection - and the ball zipped through between bat and pad to disturb the stumps.

The Afridi imitation
Shahid Afridi's quicker ball is one of the more freakish acts of modern cricket as he generates, with a legbreak action and a short run up, speeds in excess of 130 kph. Piyush Chawla took a cue from the Pakistan legspinner as Kings XI Punjab sought to break a burgeoning partnership in the 10th over, when out of the blue, he sent down a 117 kph bolt to rattle Shane Watson's stumps. Though Watson spotted the shorter length of the delivery that dismissed him and aimed a pull, he was far too late on stroke and the ball sped past him to deliver a breakthrough for the hosts.

The shot
Ajinkya Rahane hit form in the last two matches, scoring back-to-back fifties, and several splendidly timed strokes against Kings XI made plain just how classy a player he is when in form. The best of his strokes was not the languid six over extra-cover off Chawla, but his imperious punch through cover off Parvinder Awana in the fifth over. Awana pitched on a length, about eight inches outside off stump and Rahane, who had quickly transferred his weight onto the back foot, met the ball with rapid, controlled swing to send it to the fence.