Bangalore v Kolkata, IPL 2011, Bangalore

Chris Gayle pushes one uppishly Getty Images

3.5 Langeveldt to Kallis, OUT, the bouncer has made Kallis try something extra, and has done him in, he backed away a touch outside leg, charged down the track ,eyeing the estra cover boundary, but it was too close to him and he only managed a thick edge to the keeper as he swung hard at it, top stuff from Langeveldt

5.3 Aravind to Gambhir, OUT, huge blow, Aravind strikes right away, Gautam looks to force the cut wide of point, but that is where AB is lurking, and he goes screaming to his left to pouch the ball with both hands, that is why they dont have him with the keeping gloves on, what a stunner

0.5 Lee to Gayle, FOUR, no justice for Lee, the full delivery around off, Gayle gives it a good thump and the ball disappears in to the deep cover boundary .

1.4 Unadkat to Gayle, SIX, Gayle has the orange cap, in his seventh game, full delivery, in the slot, under the bat, in to the crowd miles over long on, smoked

2.4 Lee to Gayle, OUT, and gets his man finally, the angles does it, Gayle looked to slog it over midwicket, from the crease, another outside edge, goes in to the stratosphere, Kallis settles under it on the ground, and takes it cleanly as the missile comes down