Delhi Daredevils v Deccan Chargers, IPL 2011, Kochi

David Warner helped Australia get off to a bright start Getty Images

10.6 Pathan to Sangakkara, FOUR, Sanga again. Hoicked to deep mid-wicket, Deccan well on target for 180 or more

11.6 Dinda to Sangakkara, OUT, superb catch by Finch, backpedalling from inside the circle. Sanga hasn't been timing well this over and goes aerial with that one on the on side but Finch has it covered. Sanga falls for 49, seems we've jinxed them

3.5 Harmeet Singh to Sehwag, OUT, oh dear! Viru goes down trying to blaze again. Singh offers him some width and he cuts at that one, the first one he has been able to slash at in this over. Christian has to move forward a little at point but takes a good catch

13.4 Harmeet Singh to Warner, 2 runs, dropped Warner gets under it but can't the right amount of meat oh the shot. It's the air and not going the distance. Chipli was running in too fast from long off, gets to it, gets fingers to it and can't hold on. Warner gets 50 in the process

14.2 Dhawan to Warner, OUT, short, pulled and Warner is out this time. Again, he doesn't hit it as far as he should, although this one was there to be hit and Ravi Teja at deep mid-wicket makes no mistakes.