Michael Hussey's leap of faith

Davy Jacobs crashes one through cover AFP

Jump of the day
This catch had the most pressure on it. It was the catch to dismiss Davy Jacobs, who was threatening to mow Chennai out of the competition. He swiped Shadab Jakati high over the deep midwicket boundary. Or so it seemed. Michael Hussey, however, had other ideas. He leaped at the boundary line to bring the ball back to earth. And he landed safely, just inside the ropes.

Catch of the day
Jehan Mubarak took a blinder in the first game of the day. It was Justin Kemp's turn now. Ashwell Prince had dashed down the track to Ashwin but edged it low and well to the left of first slip. Kemp flew and somehow, incredibly, managed to pouch it with his outstretched left hand.

Tease of the day
Bowled him! Err, not quite. Ashwin's moment of agony came when he induced a hurried poke from David Jacobs and the ball rolled off the inside edge and headed unerringly towards the stumps. Only problem was the bails didn't fall off.

Ball of the day
Ashwin began his career as a pure offspinner but has developed variations like the carrom ball. On the day Ajantha Mendis featured in the other game, it was Ashwin who bowled the best carom ball. Justin Kreusch came down the track to lift the offspinner over midwicket, but the ball gripped and broke sharply the other way to leave him stranded.

Forced sacrifice of the day
It was the third ball of the last over. Justin Kemp pushed back limply to the bowler and froze but MS Dhoni had rushed across to take the strike. Kemp was going nowhere, though, and Dhoni had to tell him to get across and sacrifice his wicket. "Yes I had to tell him. I was well-set, so felt I can hit out. I got some four runs in the end, which proved valuable I guess!"