Despite a rain-sodden start to the triangular tournament in Amstelveen, in which two of the three fixtures have been washouts, Australia have rejected a proposal to reschedule their matches against India and Pakistan. It was suggested that Australia should try to play three matches in four days, or else extend the series by a day to August 29, but this idea was shelved, according to the chairman of the Pakistan Cricket Board, Shaharyar Khan.

"Australia said they could not ask their players to play three games in four days as it would be taxing on them," said Khan. "They also said they could not go for an extension in the event because they had scheduled warm-up matches in England in the lead-up to the ICC Champions Trophy."

The proposal came about following a decision by the tournament broadcasters, who paid a reported US$6 million for the rights, and are reducing their guaranteed payments because of the lost matches. "I can't say exactly how much we stand to lose out on," added Shahrayar. "But if we also don't have the final then the guaranteed money could be reduced considerably."

So far just one, overs-reduced, match between India and Pakistan was been possible, although the weather forecast for Saturday's final, between Australia and Pakistan, is expected to be fine.