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All His Trousers Are Black, In Case Umpires.…….

His job is to maintain the scorebook while a match is going on

Shahryar Khan
His job is to maintain the scorebook while a match is going on. The thing that is notable is that he is always found wearing black trousers in the stadium. Is it some special affection for the dark color that makes him do that? We, when got such rumor from a sports periodical, asked Mr. Habibullah who prefers to call himself Habibullah Scorer how far it is true. The jovial man burst into laughter and added," All because of playing a sometime double-role in the match." The thing is that our umpires at times become precarious on their duty days-becoming the victim of deep sleep syndrome. Such a weird day was left for the viewers fifteen days earlier in a Premier Division match between Abahani and Dhanmondi. One of the umpires could not be spotted anywhere when fielders and batsmen are on the field waiting for the game to start-it was already twenty minutes late. Now Habibullah Scorer stretched his hand to assist the other umpire who was seemed to be in dire straits-started the match with him without making further delay. Mr Habibullah was wearing his dark slacks like any day and he borrowed a white T-shirt from one of the players to become a square leg umpire. After ten overs the missing umpire was seen approaching hurriedly. Why late?-" Sleeping, I just got over-slept" he rattled off. However, a black slack saved the match from being doomed any way! Cheers for Habibullah!