The Canadian Cricket Association wishes to congratulate all volunteers coaches and players who have once again done Canadian cricket proud by their fantastic efforts in promoting the game from coast to coast to coast. We are especially thankful for the junior coaches, officials and players in whose hands the future of Canada's cricket star lies.

From New Brunswick and Nova Scotia in the east, through Quebec, Ontario, Manitoba, Alberta and British Columbia in the west there have been concerted efforts to keep the tradition alive.

In French Quebec, where it was once thought that junior cricket could not be sustained, there has been significant progress in recent years with Arvind Patel, Charles Pais and many others making huge strides. In 1999, Quebec juniors defeated Ontario juniors in Toronto and were silver medallists in a national event. That progress is thankfully being sustained and there are Cricket Week events planned in Montreal this week.

In New Brunswick, Nova Scotia and in Ontario, similar events are also being held. In Ontario, Leroy Grey, Franklyn Dennis (former Canadian International) and Petra Pompey have spearheaded a program at the new Indoor Training Centre on Finch Avenue West. There is also a tremendous amount of talent visible in Indoor Schools Cricket in Toronto and in Mississauga. In the latter, women like Kathy Knafelc and Charmaine Boyce to mention a few are leading the charge. Some of these folks have never played the sport but are vital to sustaining programmes.

Kathy Knafelc has been remarkable. In pre - "ambassadors" days, Sir Garfield Sobers on one of his visits on behalf of Barbados sports tourism promotions has stimulated a key organizer and administrator. How many more will the present set of Ambassadors provide?

Manitoba has been outstanding in junior cricket achievement over a sustained period of time with Ron Dipchand, John Lovelace and a progressive and outstanding group of volunteers setting national standards. The only province that can probably place themselves on the same historical pedestal as the folks in Manitoba, would probably be our far western friends in British Columbia, lead by volunteers such as the Peter Molyneux of the "Friends of Junior Cricket" who have raised funds for a 20 year plus programme. They have been able to invite ex Pakistan player and now Master Coach, Khan Mohammad, to area schools. The good work there continues with youth players like Barry Seebaran and Kevin Sandher being used in junior schools and community programmes.

Saskatchewan had quite a successful junior programme in the recent past. Some volunteers there have indicated that they would like some minimal assistance in re-starting that programme as well. Press on gentlemen.

In our oil rich province of Alberta, successive Boards have also been strong supporters of schools cricket development especially in the City of Edmonton. These programmes have begun to bear fruit as will those in all other areas of Canada. People like Kristi Marathalingam must be thanked for yeoman service. Special thanks and congratulations to those great efforts for promoting and in supporting junior cricket development. Cricket Week is another example that others are firmly aware of and support your efforts to foster and promote the growth and development of cricket.

Manitoba for example has summarized one such effort in their Cricket Week events thus far. Please take a look at the Manitoba Cricket Site at ca for further details as provided through the efforts of webmaster Ray Ramrattan.

Congratulations all. Forward and upward. We again thank the ICC, ICC Development and the MCC for previous and their continued support.

Sincere best wishes during Cricket Week and the Years to come on behalf of the: Canadian Cricket Association.