Harmanpreet Kaur broke a long list of records during her whirlwind knock of 171 off just 115 balls. Her first fifty came off 64 balls, while the remaining 121 runs took all of 51 balls. Here's a look at five memorable moments from her innings, as described by our ball-by-ball commentators.
Kristen Beams had kept it tight, going for just seven runs off her first 20 balls. Harmanpreet's hit was the first signal of intent from India, a portent for how things would unfold.
20.3 Beams to Kaur, FOUR runs, pushed through outside off, Kaur drops down to one knee and sends it clattering away over midwicket with a rasping slog-sweep.
In a 42-over game, India seemed like they were going nowhere, nudging singles and twos. After Mithali Raj's departure in the 25th over, there was added pressure on Harmanpreet to deliver. The six off Beams in the 27th over was the first of the innings, kickstarting her extended phase of acceleration.
26.4 Beams to Kaur, SIX runs, and boom. Steps out, and Beams errs right in her wheelhouse. A lovely languid swing goes waaaay over long-on.
Australia are known to raise the bar in World Cup games, and this delivery showed why. Seeing Harmanpreet step down the track, Jess Jonassen dragged one down the leg side and could have had her stumped. Harmanpreet was up to it, with a last-second readjustment that showcased her versatility, and another reminder that this was her day.
33.5, Jonassen to Kaur, FOUR runs, this is a match-changing innings. Kaur runs down again, premeditated. Jonassen fires this down leg, but Kaur somehow stretches after that and gets a boundary to fine leg.
The ball where she got to the hundred was the YouTube moment of the innings, and one of the most bizarre non-celebrations in cricketing history.
34.6 Beams to Kaur, 2 runs, last ball of the over. She wants one, then Kaur wants two because the fielder isn't too quick on it. Kaur is not happy. Not happy at all. The throw from midwicket is to the keeper's end, who throws the stumps down at the bowler's end, by which time Deepti has made her ground. That means it's Kaur's 100. The glory of the moment lulled by the rage because of her partner's lack of game awareness. More anger than joy currently, but that will pass. Out goes a hand on Deepti's shoulder. Deepti had initially told her partner no to the second, but Kaur was set on two. She asked Deepti to sacrifice her wicket but the throw was to the wrong end, so both make it.
Australia had almost bowled out their pace spearheads Megan Schutt and Ellyse Perry, and turned to Elyse Villani's part-time services. In the eye of the Kaur storm, the hitting left our ball-by-ballers speechless, quite literally.
38.1 Villani to Kaur, SIX runs, another six. Kaur moves to 140. Gets across and slog sweeps this over midwicket. Sensational-er. Massive-er. I'm losing my language. Wow.