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I enjoyed every day that I played: Kuruvilla

Abey Kuruvilla bowled his heart out when he played for Mumbai and India

Waleed Hussain
Abey Kuruvilla
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Abey Kuruvilla bowled his heart out when he played for Mumbai and India. He always believed in giving it his best shot and enjoyed the game whenever he played. Kuruvilla retired from first class cricket at the end of the Ranji Trophy final last season. A gentle giant who loved to bowl fast, Kuruvilla is now a junior selector with the Mumbai Cricket Association. In an exclusive interview with CricInfo, he talks about his new role.
Q. How did you start playing professional cricket?
A. Well, it was by chance that I began playing with the leather ball. I always used to play with the tennis ball and enjoyed it very much. I turned up for the Mafatlal selection camp and made my debut for Mumbai in 1991 against Haryana.
Q. How was the experience of playing Ranji Trophy for Mumbai?
A. I was playing with so many of the stars I had admired for so long. Just six months before my debut I could not have thought that I would be playing Ranji trophy for Mumbai.
Q. How was the debut for India in the West Indies?
A: It was fantastic. I was playing for my country and in the West Indies it was a very enjoyable experience.
Q. What's your new role as a junior selector like?
A. It's a good job. Its new for me because I generally don't like to watch the whole game but now as a selector I have to sit and watch the entire match. I try and give the deserving boys a chance and see to it that talented boys are spotted.
Q. Why has the Mumbai U-19 team not qualify for the Cooch Behar knock out in the last two seasons?
A. We have had a fine side. The team was good in all the matches but one bad session or one bad day proved to be the deciding factor and they failed to qualify. There is no doubt about the talent of the boys, its only they are not able to click. The bench strength is very strong and there is no scarcity of talent at all in Mumbai.
Q. Do you think we need more academies to groom fast bowlers in India?
A. There is no point in just having academies. There should be good coaches attached to them. The coaches at the Mafatlal camp were very good, the academies should have coaches who can come up with results.
Q. What's the difference between playing on green wickets and flat tracks?
A. The difference is simple. On dead tracks the bowlers have no help from the wicket. The green wickets gives some help to the bowlers who tend to bowl short and a lot of bouncers.
Q. Would you change a bowler's action if you think it is awkward or wrong?
A. It all depends on the bowler and how beneficial it is to his game. If it does not hinder his performance, I don't see any reason to change his action.
Q. Has tennis ball cricket had any effect on your game?
A. Playing with a tennis ball is totally different from the leather ball. The grip is different. the pace and the line all are different.
Q. Any regrets from the game?
A. No, not at all. I enjoyed whatever I did and whatever matches I played. I always enjoyed it. No regrets from life at all.
Q. What your future plans?
A. I don't really plan much. I live every day as a new day. That's all, I just like to enjoy everything I do.