Prithvi Shaw becomes second batter to slam six fours in an over in IPL

Shaw's onslaught came against KKR's Shivam Mavi

Prithvi Shaw became the first batter to hit six fours in the first over of a T20 innings (where ESPNcricinfo's ball-by-ball data is available) when he achieved the feat against Kolkata Knight Riders' fast bowler Shivam Mavi on Thursday in Ahmedabad. Shaw also became only the second batter to achieve this record in the IPL, after Ajinkya Rahane did the same off S Aravind against the Royal Challengers Bangalore in 2012. Here's ESPNcricinfo's ball-by-ball description of Shaw's opening over blitz:
0.1: Shivam Mavi to Shaw, FOUR runs. Pumped over Mavi's head. Pitched up and swings in at off, it lands in Shaw's arc. He brings out a high-elbowed punch
0.2: Shivam Mavi to Shaw, FOUR runs. Another inswinger, too full, too straight. Shaw picks it up and whips it with the wrists over midwicket for back-to-back fours
0.3: Shivam Mavi to Shaw, FOUR runs. Overpitched and outside off, Shaw drills a drive through the line. Stroked to the right of sweeper
0.4: Shivam Mavi to Shaw, FOUR runs. Low full-toss outside off, Shaw leans into this slower ball, delays the drive, and steers it away to the right of sweeper once again. Four fours on the trot for Shaw
0.5: Shivam Mavi to Shaw, FOUR runs. Make that five fours in a row for Shaw. He sizes up this short ball outside off and scythes it away through backward point. Mavi looks rattled. Morgan has a chat with the young seamer
0.6: Shivam Mavi to Shaw, FOUR runs. Six successive fours for Shaw. This is not a half-volley. On a length and outside off, hit over the top once again. Driven strongly over extra-cover