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Lara returns as West Indies captain

Brian Lara has been appointed as captain of West Indies captaincy for a third time

Cricinfo staff

Brain Lara arrives for the press conference announcing his re-appointment © T&T Express
Brian Lara has been appointed the captain of West Indies captaincy for a third time. The formal announcement was made at midday in Trinidad.
"It's a great honour," Lara told reporters. "It's the third time I'm taking the job and I feel I have the necessary support. [Shivnarine] Chanderpaul did a wonderful job under the circumstances. He'll reap the benefits later in life. He called me and he said he'd support me and asked that I give it some consideration.
"The fact that a lot of former players called me was humbling. This was followed up by phone calls from present team-mates who thought I should assume the mantle of leadership at this juncture. I called past and present players for an objective view on the matter. They unequivocally thought the same as the others who were trying to influence me."
Ken Gordon, the board chairman, was quick to stress that Lara was not a stopgap choice. "His appointment is not an interim one," he said. "His appointment as captain stands and it is not for any fixed period of time.
"It is logical to go back to Lara. Of all the players available, they each had varying strengths but there were also varying weaknesses. He brings a lot to the table at this time which will make a material difference. Whatever the risks, the best is to go with Lara, whose experience and knowledge is unquestioned."
Lara has already led West Indies 40 times, winning 10 and losing 23. He was first captain between 1996-97 and 1999-2000, resigning after a dismal series in New Zealand. He was appointed for a second time in 2002-03, eventually being replaced by Chanderpaul in March 2005 when he stood down because of an ongoing contractual dispute with the board.