'Very few players can do what Dominic Cork does on a cricket field' © Getty Images

Stuart Law, the Lancashire captain, has spoken of his frustration at not being consulted about the club's decision not to renew Dominic Cork's contract.

Cork, 37, said on Tuesday that the decision "hurts" but vowed to "haunt Lancashire and come back and prove the manager and committee wrong". However, the club never discussed their plans with Law - a plan that the captain emphatically disagrees with.

"I would have liked to have had an opportunity to put my case forward," Law told BBC Radio Lancashire. "Dominic Corks don't come off the conveyer belt. Very few players can do what he does on a cricket field.

"To get the quality that he shows, where are we going to get that from? In times of need when things aren't going our way, you throw the ball to Dominic and he can make things happen. I don't know how these decisions are made, but I've got to walk out with these players and if they're not in the best frame of mind, I've got to deal with it.

"People sitting up there drinking their gin and tonic don't have to deal with it.

"It would have been easier to go into a season with Corky in your side but once again it's an opportunity for someone to come in, fill the boots and prove me wrong. Dominic's been a fantastic servant to not only Lancashire cricket, but Derbyshire and England.

"I'll probably get in to a lot of trouble for what I've said, but I just think that Dominic Cork is a quality performer."

A statement from Lancashire said the decision was made "with the longer-term development of the playing staff in mind and to allow the side to evolve".