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New Zealand Cricket concerned about team's safety in Kenya

Chief executive Martin Snedden confirms board has worries

New Zealand Cricket has serious concerns about the safety of playing a World Cup match in Kenya, NZC chief executive Martin Snedden confirmed today.
"We have received information which strongly suggests it is not safe for the New Zealand team to travel to Nairobi for the scheduled match on February 21.
"That information includes the report of the ICC delegation security delegation visit to Kenya and advice from independent security adviser Reg Dickason who, along with New Zealand team manager Jeff Crowe, represented New Zealand Cricket on the delegation.
"The delegation received strong information that there are active terrorist organisations currently operating in Nairobi which have the means and capability of launching a terrorist attack.
"The information was that these terrorist groups are looking to target Western interests in Nairobi.
"The information indicates that Kenyan authorities are not capable of providing adequate security.
"The ICC Executive Board will make a decision on Thursday night (New Zealand time) about whether the two matches scheduled for Kenya should be rescheduled.
"I would anticipate that in the light of the information on the table the ICC's Executive Board will recognise the risk to player safety and move the games to South Africa," Mr Snedden said.