England's sparkling white kit will be complemented by New Zealand's high-tech trousers © Getty Images

New Zealand are set to try out high-tech bowlers' trousers, specially designed to put shine on the ball, for the third Test against England at Trent Bridge.

The trousers - manufactured by New Zealand-based outfitters Canterbury - were set to be used only from October, but they have been tried in practice. Also included is the micro-slide version for fielders, and the IonX BaseLayer performance underwear which is claimed to improve performance by 2.7%.

Reports said several pairs were "smuggled in" during the second Test at Old Trafford, and one or two players tested the trousers with the logos covered by tape during the side's tour match at Northampton.

The trousers were developed under the supervision of Dipal Patel, a former engineering student. "When I came into cricket I was surprised to find there are no regulations about what materials you can and can't use," he told the Daily Telegraph.

"To start with, we looked at putting two patches on the bowlers' trousers - one to shine the ball, and one to scuff it up, in case you wanted to produce reverse-swing. But we have since dropped the abrasive patch. I'm a member of MCC, and I didn't want to lose my membership for going against the spirit of cricket."

An MCC spokesman told the BBC that there was no issue with the trousers. "We believe they conform under law 42.3, so we don't see a problem with them," he said.