The police statement

The full statement regarding the investigation into Bob Woolmer's murder

Cricinfo staff
The full statement from Lucius Thomas, the commissioner of police for the Jamaica Constabulary Force, regarding the investigation into Bob Woolmer's murder.
"Consistent with our approach from the time Pakistani cricket coach, Mr Robert Woolmer was found in his hotel room on Sunday, March 18, the Jamaica Constabulary Force (JCF) has updated the media on all developments concerning our investigations of this case. The Jamaican police are in a position to inform that it is now in possession of the official post-mortem report from the government pathologist who conducted the autopsy on the late Mr Woolmer.
The pathologist report is now available and states that Mr Woolmer's death was due to asphyxia as a result of manual strangulation. In these circumstances, the matter of Mr Robert Woolmer's death is now being treated by the Jamaica Police as a case of murder. Steps are being taken to conclude these investigations, which include collecting statements from all persons who in the opinion of the police can be of assistance to these investigations.
In due course further announcements will be made as to the progress of our investigations of Mr Woolmer's murder. The JCF is making an appeal to anyone who may have information that would help us to identify Bob Woolmer's killer or killers to come forward in order that his wife, Gill, and his family can begin the process of healing.
It is our belief that those associated with or having access to Mr Woolmer may have vital information that would assist this inquiry. We appeal to these individuals to come forward now to assist us with our investigation. Our condolences go out to Gill, Bob's widow, and their sons, friends and members of the Pakistan team."