The sort of Audi that nobody wants

Tuffers is off the Audi

Stephen Fleming
Tuffers is off the Audi!
Let me explain - when you bat, the worse scenario is being dismissed without scoring, for a duck as is it called. If you get two of these in the same match it's obviously a pair or, as they say on the circuit, "you've bagged them up!".
Tuffers [Phil Tufnell] has had three disappointments in a row. Therefore, when he went out to bat yesterday he was sitting on an Audi which is four rings in a row, The same branding as this type of car.
I'm pleased to say, as he confidently gave himself room and scythed the ball through point, there was a huge amount of relief around the Lord's ground.
If the ball had gone to hand at point, then Tuffers would have been on the 'Olympic' next time he took guard. After that I'm not sure but it was suggested a P45 which is hinting at finding a new job. If it happened to a batter we wouldn't be laughing, but to 'The Cat' it's a different story. His job is with the ball and he proved his class yesterday with his 47th five-wicket haul.
At present we are in a bit of a fight with Nottinghamshire, former county of Sir Richard [Hadlee] and, more recently, Chris Cairns. We bowled poorly on the first day at Lord's and have played catch up ever since.
Angus [Fraser] is out for a couple of weeks with his injury so I've got the reins, although it was a pretty loose grip as we went around the park courtesy of a South African recruit playing for Notts.
I'm interested to see an increase of these types of players. They are from another country but can play as a resident under the EU passport policy. If these guys have success, I'm sure other counties won't want to miss out.
Speaking of Cairnsy earlier, I caught up with him this week as he breezed through on his way to South Africa to begin some training outside. His knee is progressing well and while it's only early days in his recovery we look forward to his return at some stage this year.
The news is also pretty positive on our other injuries with the guys now settling into the winter training programmes and skill work at the Academy.
I caught up with John Reid, New Zealand Cricket's, cricket operations manager this week at Lord's. He was over to discuss changes to the international game, in particular the limited over matches with other members of the ICC.
The feeling was that the one-day game was becoming too predictable, especially during the middle stages of an innings. The new rules are attempting to liven up the action and speed up play, both important if as players we wish to entertain. One bouncer per over is an interesting one, it gives the bowler a little artillery especially in the first 15 overs, but it is how it is policed that may cause confusion. Lets wait and see!