What's Brendon McCullum up to these days?

Oh, he does. It's more that he doesn't seem to have any shortage of them.

That said, some are a little bit flimsy.

Oh come on. You're not even trying now.

Still, it beats going to Starbucks.

Poor bloke didn't even get a biscuit.

An impressive feat.

On a similar note, Courtney Walsh is still doing damage.

Sometimes it just has to be done.

RP Singh is Brian Fantana.

Now, remember, kids: no one's going to listen to your cod philosophy unless there's an accompanying photo of yourself.

But what would be appropriate? This?

One day of selfies or day one of selfies, Shoaib?

Or how about this?

Miller thrives because he works so hard.

Look at him working hard.

Of course, you don't really need to provide anything thoughtful to justify a selfie. You can just board an aeroplane.

Or… sit on a throne?

Finally, somewhere in the world there is always a cricketer complaining about air travel.

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