The Heavy Ball

'If you want feedback, listen to Hendrix'

Mickey Arthur has got Twitter in a tizzy today

ESPNcricinfo staff
Mike Hesson will replace John Wright as New Zealand's head coach, Auckland, July 20, 2012

Mike Hesson: not the most ridiculed coach anymore  •  Getty Images

"'If you want feedback listen to Hendrix's Star Spangled Banner. I'm off to the nets' - things the Dog Ate My Homework 4 wished they'd said..."
Former England batsman Mark Butcher on how the sacked Australian players should have responded to Mickey Arthur
"Mickey Arthur: 'This is a line in the sand.' It's called a crease. Behind it are are three poles: they're called stumps ... #laughingstock"
Australian journalist Greg Baum on the coach's standards of discipline
"I want views of Chappelli, DK Lillee and Rod Marsh on punishments for not doing homework. This feels like a seminal moment in Aus manliness."
The National's Osman Samiuddin says aloud what everyone else is thinking
"On a positive note Ed Cowans presentation has just been nominated for a Nobel Peace Prize"
Damien Fleming, the former Australia fast bowler, looks at the silver lining
"John Inverarity was my high school headmaster. Not once did he threaten to drop me for not doing homework during my 5 years at Hale. #Legend"
Inside info from allrounder Theo Doropoulos
"Even bigger story @scgmacgill I'm batting 5 next test !!! iPad charged up PowerPoint done"
Former Australia batsman Damien Martyn thinks he qualifies for today's Aussie team
"Bowl better,Bat better, Catch better,communicate better... Just bloody play better.... I am now available for Selection of Australia..!!!!!"
And so does Michael Vaughan
"Amazing 4 Aussie players banned for not doing homework , I thought letting them play in the next test would be punishment enough #3-0india"
Can't blame Andrew Flintoff from having a laugh at the sacked Aussies' plight
"Not really up on modern text speak, but gather that ROFL might be appropriate…"
BBC's Jonathan Agnew sums up the general mood
"At least NZ'ers get in trouble for having some proper fun (read: not fun, against team protocols, naughty boys) No homework, ha"
A trans-Tasman dig from former New Zealand fast bowler Iain O'Brien
"Kiwis learning Mike Hesson not such a bad option after all...."
And another from @Innobystander
"The only thing that would explain Mickey Arthur is if Ashton Kutcher jumped out of a locker with a camera crew. #punk'dthemovie"
@ScottyCummins_ wishes it was a reality series
"Reasons for dropping Test cricketers: 1. Texting a South African, 2. Not texting a South African."
@tickerscricket pithily defines modern-day cricket management
"Four Australians axed from the next Test for lack of texting. This must be very confusing for poor Kevin Pietersen."
What's with cricketers and texting? @pavilionopinion wonders
"Oh, so that's what the fifth day of a Test is for? The paperwork."
Wil_Anderson on when to do your homework
"For those asking about my test team. J K Rowling is not injured but rather being rested as part of our ongoing rotation policy"
@Specialgrant digs up other comical Australian management theory
"In Shane Watson's defence one other time he filled out paperwork and got a paper-cut and missed six months of cricket."
@bretteppa draws up Watto's excuse
"A rare day when a patient Test 190 by Ashraful is the 2nd most unbelievable event in the Test world"
A dose of perspective from @Sriram_S