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Fear, suffering and how to cope with both in this week's Twitter round-up. There's also another nugget of wisdom from Auntie Kemar Roach, world-renowned relationship counsellor

Steven Finn loves his job.

Sitting inside, eating, is one of the safer aspects of the job, of course…

But a broken finger's nothing…

Another tale of suffering also reveals to us the term Graeme Swann uses to refer to his kids…

They're cynets, obviously.

The professional

The waste disposal

Dimuth Karunaratne has found someone to talk to.


A tweet is a transient, disposable thing. But every now and again, when you've really got something you want to get off your chest, it's worth spending a bit of time crafting what you say to ensure it has maximum impact.

More 21st-century pearls of wisdom from Kemar Roach.

How would you describe the upper floors of a hotel?

AB de Villiers would describe them as "creepy".

Life with Kemar Roach
Where are you?

Are you staying?

Where are you going?

Aside from the relationship advice further up the page, that's pretty much all Kemar's said this week.

Even if something really terrible or painful happens to you, like you have to stay on the fourth floor of a hotel or remove a nose hair?

Jet-lag Watch
Somewhere in the world, there is always a cricketer complaining about jet-lag.


But at least Ben Cutting made it. Did David Miller?

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