Not a lot. Everyone's got their heads buried in their phones, as usual.
… he tweeted.
… he tweeted.
As well as himself, Shoaib Akhtar may also have been addressing Mashrafe Mortaza.
Enjoying the view in 1440 x 2560 resolution.
One man who doesn't need to raise his head is Stuart Broad.
It's tough being tall.
But there are advantages. The next tweet flies in the face of Shoaib Akhtar's perception of things. It's not just smartphone use, but a selfie - the most self-indulgent smartphone use of all - and yet look how people are involved.
Technology AND human relationships - all thanks to Mohammad Irfan's gargantuan arms.
And then there's Virat Kohli. Virat's lifted his head from his phone, surveyed the world around him and he's seen it in all its splendour.
He's then decided to document that splendour via a selfie.
Savour every moment. Or just take a quick photo so that you can savour it later when you're not so busy.
R Ashwin, meanwhile, has gone all KP on us and seen fit to document his coffee consumption.
At least we now know on which side of the timeless and ferocious internet debate he falls.
KP himself has delivered an unusually expressive photo. Maybe it's just us, but we get the sense that this facial expression isn't meant to convey pure unbridled appreciation for the man he's talking about.
But at least one man has heeded Shoaib's words. Dale Steyn has a bit of quality time lined up and he doesn't want it interrupted.
Somewhere in the world there is always a cricketer expressing no negative feelings whatsoever about air travel.
Somewhere in the world there is always a cricketer expressing very faint displeasure with one aspect of air travel.
No, it's just not happening. For some reason cricketers seem to be broadly tolerant of air travel this week. We'll have to look to the rail networks for dissatisfaction instead.
This is what happens when you raise your head and take in the world around you. Let that be a lesson to you all.

Alex Bowden blogs at King Cricket