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The Prudential World Cup - 1975

The first World Cup, officially called The Prudential Cup, proved an outstanding success. Blessed by perfect weather, ideal conditions prevailed. Altogether fifteen single innings matches, each confined to 60 overs, were played in England between June 7 and June 21. There were a few one-sided contests among some tremendous and keenly fought struggles. The highlight came in the Final at Lord's where Australia and West Indies were in combat from 11am until 8.45pm when The Duke of Edinburgh presented the Cup to Clive Lloyd, the West Indies captain.

Eight countries took part, but unfortunately not South Africa. The Prudential put £100,000 in the kitty and the overall takings came to more than £200,000 with an aggregate attendance of 158,000. Lord's was packed for the final with 26,000 present and receipts, a record for one day, of £66,000. The winners received £4,000. Australia, runners-up, £2,000 and the losing semi-finalists, England and New Zealand, £1,000 each.

The profits from the competition were distributed: 10 per cent to the United Kingdom and 7½ per cent to each of the seven other participants. The balance went to the inaugurators, the International Cricket Conference, to distribute at their discretion to the non-participating associated member countries, the International coaching fund and the reserve account for the promotion of the next International World Cup.

When the I.C.C. met in London towards the end of June member countries were invited to submit ideas for the next World Cup. India had already said that they were keen to act as hosts, but several members thought it was hard to beat England as the venue.

The main view for this reasoning was the longer period of daylight in England in June when 60 overs for each side can be completed the same day.


Saturday 7 JuneSaturday 7 June
England beat India at Lord's by 202 runs.Australia beat Pakistan at Headingley by 73 runs.
New Zealand beat East Africa at Edgbaston by 181 runs.West Indies beat Sri Lanka at Old Trafford by nine wickets.
Wednesday 11 JuneWednesday 11 June
England beat New Zealand at Trent Bridge by 80 runs.Australia beat Sri Lanka at The Oval by 52 runs.
India beat East Africa at Headingley by ten wickets.West Indies beat Pakistan at Edgbaston by one wicket.
Saturday 14 JuneSaturday 14 June
England beat East Africa at Edgbaston by 196 runs.West Indies beat Australia at The Oval by seven wickets.
New Zealand beat India at Old Trafford by four wickets.Pakistan beat Sri Lanka at Trent Bridge by 192 runs.

P W L PtsP W L Pts
England3 3 0 12 West Indies3 30 12
New Zealand32 1 8 Australia3 2 1 8
India31 2 4 Pakistan3124
East Africa30 3 0 Sri Lanka3 0 3 0


Wednesday 18 June

Australia beat England at Headingley by four wickets.

West Indies beat New Zealand at The Oval by five wickets.


Saturday 21 June

West Indies beat Australia at Lord's by 17 runs.

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1st Match: England v India at Lord's, Jun 7, 1975
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2nd Match: East Africa v New Zealand at Birmingham, Jun 7, 1975
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3rd Match: Australia v Pakistan at Leeds, Jun 7, 1975
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4th Match: Sri Lanka v West Indies at Manchester, Jun 7, 1975
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5th Match: England v New Zealand at Nottingham, Jun 11, 1975
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6th Match: East Africa v India at Leeds, Jun 11, 1975
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9th Match: England v East Africa at Birmingham, Jun 14, 1975
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10th Match: India v New Zealand at Manchester, Jun 14, 1975
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11th Match: Australia v West Indies at The Oval, Jun 14, 1975
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12th Match: Pakistan v Sri Lanka at Nottingham, Jun 14, 1975
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1st SF: England v Australia at Leeds, Jun 18, 1975
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2nd SF: New Zealand v West Indies at The Oval, Jun 18, 1975
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Final: Australia v West Indies at Lord's, Jun 21, 1975
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