Norman Preston's 25th edition as editor looked back on a hot summer (the Lord's Test was played in temperatures in the 90s, encouraging the now-famous streaker) which contained the first World Cup, won - after a thrilling final - by West Indies. England restored pride following the drubbing they had received in the previous winter by matching Australia in the four-Test series despite losing the first Test at Edgbaston; and the bespectacled David Steele emerged as England's unlikely saviour, ending the year as the BBC's Sports Personality of the Year after his bank-clerk-goes-to-war performances against Lillee and Thomson. Robin Hobbs hit a hundred in 44 minutes against the Australians. The 1975-76 winter was the last to date in which England had no scheduled overseas tour (they didn't go anywhere in 1988-89, either, after the proposed tour of India was cancelled because of the South African connections of many of the tourists).
Editor Norman Preston
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Notes by the Editor

A wonderful summer, 1976

Bert Lock — king of groundsmen

A real pro, who earned the gratitude of the game, 1976

Eleven West Indies men of my time

The three W's, Sobers, and Gibbs for starters, 1976

F. R. Foster — a prince of the Golden Age

A joyous cricketer, who played with splendid verve, 1976

John Murray, M B E — champion keeper

Record breaker retires, 1976

M. J. K. Smith lays down his bat

The players' favourite - and a very good cricketer too, 1976

Sir Neville Cardus

A tribute, 1976

The greatest centenary of them all!

Australia v. England, 1976

The greatly-praised Hanif and his brothers

The family Pakistan cannot play without, 1976

Welcome West Indies

How they rose to fame, 1976

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MCC in Australia and New Zealand, 1974-75

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The Australians in England, 1975

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The Prudential World Cup - 1975

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The West Indies in India and Pakistan and Sri Lanka, 1974-75

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