Players apathy a concern June 4, 2007

Bermuda's problems continue to grow

Cricinfo staff

Bermuda's Royal Gazette has reported that the indiscipline of the national team, which was of concern for some time before the World Cup, has grown worse in the two months.

In the four weeks since training restarted for the national side, only three players - Irving Romaine, Kevin Hurdle and Lionel Cann - have bothered to attend, with another, Dwayne Leverock, absent because he is recovering from a tonsillectomy. A further three players - Dean Minors Saleem Mukuddem and Clay Smith - have retired.

"There seems to be a certain amount of disinterest as far as the cricket and the preparation is concerned for the players to play to the best of their ability, and maybe this is something that needs to be looked at when the Board has its AGM," Gus Logie, the coach, told the newspaper. "People have been invited to train with the squad but if they aren't showing any interest then I think the board will have to make a decision on that."

Logie has clearly grown exasperated by the attitude of many players. "I have gone beyond being surprised by anything and I'm prepared to work with what I have."

Bermuda's World Cup preparations were dogged by problems of the fitness and discipline of a number of players.

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