Sri Lankan cricket April 13, 2009

In Upul we trusted

Whenever Upul Chandana came onto the cricketing field, be it as a batsman, bowler or fielder, there was a buzz of expectancy among the spectators that something positive would take place. In all three disciplines of the game he was simply what one would term as 'explosive'. Maxi Kariyawasam in the Daily Mirror, the Sri Lankan daily, traces Chandana's career.

A former Sri Lankan cricket captain described Upul as any captain's dream and stated that in his opinion Upul, other than for his batting or bowling, deserved a place in any national team purely on his fielding ability which saves up to 40-50 runs per match not to mention his match turning run-outs coupled with his sizzling airborne catches.

The demands for Upul Chandana’s talents are still in great demand other than in Sri Lanka which only shows the accuracy of that saying: 'A prophet goes unhonoured in his own country'.