January 20, 2011

ICC World Cup 2011

Indian television experts XI

Nitin Sundar

Once India's World Cup squad was picked, the experts were out in force on the country's news channels, dissecting the selection in great detail. Shailaja Bajpai of the Indian Express comes up with a 'Commentators XI' which has almost as much balance as the actual team itself, and braces for their views that will deluge India's cricket-watching public once the event begins.

It is not going to be a cakewalk for these commentators — in each match, their hearts will beat for India but not so that we can hear them. They have to be impartial yet always highlight India’s chances — otherwise who will want to watch or listen to them? That’s a spot of tightrope-walking the likes of which you see in the World Cup commercial now playing on your TV screens. 14 teams. 1 Cup. February 19. Be there.

An editorial in the same newspaper wonders why host teams have generally struggled to win World Cups, and says this edition, lopsided format and all, could be very crucial for the one-day format.


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