August 6, 2012

West Indies cricket

Chris Gayle reloaded

Nikita Bastian

Chris Gayle is is back and looking good at the highest level, says Richard Lord in the Wall Street Journal, and politics shouldn't ever again be allowed to cause players with his amount of box-office appeal to be adrift in the international wilderness.

One result is that the late-period Gayle is getting himself out less often. It's not that he's less aggressive. It's tempting to say he's more judicious in his shot selection these days, but it's more that he can execute such a range of shots to perfection seemingly at will, and seemingly without too much concern about what sort of ball has been bowled to him. He can render the quality of the bowling irrelevant, and strike the immense psychological blow of making bowlers and fielding teams feel entirely powerless to stop him.


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