July 9, 2013

Ex-players on the Ashes: a handy media guide

What to expect from Fred, Beef, Boycs and the rest, now that the Ashes are here

The Ashes is the highlight of any player's career. And these days, it's a vital moneymaking opportunity for former cricketers as well. Look out for the following programmes and campaigns in the next few weeks.

The Boycott Factor (ITV, Saturday)
Ashes rebrand of the popular singing contest, in which Sir Geoffrey passes judgement on young pop singers for their vocal technique, image, and ability on uncovered wickets.

Family Fortunes Celebrity Edition (ITV, Saturday)
It's the Bothams (every answer: "Put another slip in") against the Knights (every answer: "Oooh, on the one hand our survey might have said this but on the other, ooo, you know") for cash prizes. Charles Colvile joins Vernon Kay as co-host.

Willis (Thursday, BBC1)
New police drama featuring Bob Willis as an unorthodox London detective inspector who is not afraid to break the rules to get results. In episode one, Willis is on the hunt for a serial killer who he suspects of ball-tampering. Features scenes that may be upsetting for children. And adults.

Michael Vaughan's Ashes Radio Show (Wednesday, Radio Five)
With guests Andrew Flintoff and Tuffers. Ashes chat and laughs.

Andrew Flintoff's Radio Ashes (Thursday, Radio Five)
With guests Tuffers and Michael Vaughan. Ashes laughs and chat.

Tuffers on the Ashes (Friday, Radio Five)
With guests Michael Vaughan and Andrew Flintoff. Disturbing psychodrama, laughs and chat.

Freddie's Silly Punts (UK Dave+1 online, Wednesday)
William Hill's new Ashes betting ambassador marks your card with all the best Ashes bets.

Vaughany's Nap (Online, most days)
Featuring all the best Ashes betting advice.

How Gambling is Killing Cricket (Radio Five, Friday)
Exposé that asks if a gambling culture around the sport could be in any way related to spot-fixing. Experts include Michael Vaughan and Andrew Flintoff.

The Geraint Show (BBC1, weekdays)
The wicketkeeping hero of 2005 on beating the Aussies, sporting rivalries, and how pharmacy own-brand vitamins compare to better-known brands.

KP Exclusive (TalkSPORT, Monday)
Worried that nobody will be talking about him after announcing that a chat with Darren Gough would be his only interview of the summer, Kevin has relented and will open his heart up to Ronnie Irani.

Can I Have My Money Now Please? (UK Bronze Plus Minus Two)
Andrew Flintoff goes hiking or skiing or wrestling or whatever and has to survive by eating local wildlife and busking. With celebrity guests including Joe Pasquale, Sally Bercow, and the late Sir Alec Bedser.

Tour de Ashes (Eurosport)
Former Ashes stars saddle up for a charity bike ride to raise money for former Ashes stars. They'll be pedalling from Lord's to Soho, or taking a taxi, so dig deep.

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