October 4, 2013

Indian cricket

'I don't walk around trying to be a paragon of virtue'

In an interview with Wisden India, Rahul Dravid opens up on his career, the financial muscle of the IPL, India's upcoming tour of South Africa, and the spot-fixing scandal in Rajasthan Royals.

I have to live up to my own standards and my own expectations. And I'll make mistakes, but I hope over the course of my career and life, I won't make that many mistakes. We're all going to look at things we've done in our career and think 'I wish I had done that differently or behaved differently'. I just hope that over the length of a career, there are few of those moments and lots more of things that I can look back and say, 'I was actually quite okay there. What I did there was quite good.' It's also not only about me. I think people have bounced back and supported Rajasthan Royals also because there are other people on this team who they will not doubt.


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