Sachin Tendulkar retires October 11, 2013

Tendulkar is 'an industry of his own'

ESPNcricinfo staff
Arun Janardhan, in Mint, describes how Tendulkar has a singular allure to the business industry

Sachin Tendulkar, the brand, was synonymous with India's rise in the global market. Arun Janardhan, in Mint, describes how Tendulkar has a singular allure that very few sports personalities could replicate

"He mirrored public sentiment. It made people feel Indians can take on anyone. His impact on society goes beyond the number of runs he scored, because he taught self-belief," says Anirban Das Blah, managing director of Kwan Entertainment and Marketing Solutions. Tendulkar's was the story of the underdog, as Shailendra Singh, joint managing director of Percept Ltd, says, of a boy from a middle-class family who broke through to the top, and that contributed to his acceptance among the masses.

Though Tendulkar's retirement would leave the many legions on his fans saddened, Economic Times predicts a golden opportunity for the business world

"His [Tendulkar's] farewell game will be a big marketing affair," said adman Prahlad Kakkar. Media planners refused to speak on record about the money at stake for the home series with the West Indies. But they said that a 10-second ad slot on ESPN-Star Sports that usually costs between Rs 40,000 and Rs 60,000 (for a Test match), would now command a 50% premium for Sachin's last Test.

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