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Manohar mulls returning share of India's ICC revenue - BCB chief

Mohammad Isam and Nagraj Gollapudi

BCB chief Nazmul Hassan has told TV reporters in Bangladesh: "Mr Shashank Manohar has said he wants to give away a percentage from India's behalf." © AFP

At the recent ICC Board meeting in Dubai, chairman Shashank Manohar discussed the possibility of giving 6% of India's 22% share of ICC revenues back to the world body, according to BCB president Nazmul Hassan. The BCB president made the statement while speaking to TV reporters in Bangladesh on Saturday but did not respond to calls from ESPNcricinfo for comments. Manohar, too, could not be reached.

According to Hassan, and two other directors of Full Member boards who attended the meetings which finished on Thursday in Dubai, Manohar told the ICC Board that he would speak to the BCCI about giving 6% of the revenue earned by the Indian board to other Full Members outside the Big 3 group.

"Mr Shashank Manohar has said he wants to give away a percentage from India's behalf. He said he will speak to his board and if he gets approval, he said he will give around 6% of the money," Hassan told reporters in Bangladesh. "Shashank Manohar is a logical man. He thought that if India gives away 6%, it would help those countries below them. But first he has to get this approved by the board."

About a month after he became the BCCI president and, by extension, the ICC chairman, Manohar made a statement in a personal capacity, disagreeing with the constitutional revamp carried out in 2014 in controversial circumstances which allowed the BCCI, the ECB and Cricket Australia more authority and a greater share of profits in the ICC.

"I do not agree with the Big 3 countries bullying the ICC," Manohar said upon returning from Dubai after his first visit to the ICC headquarters in Dubai in November. "Because it is nice to say that India (BCCI) will get 22% of the total revenue of the ICC but you cannot make the poor poorer and the rich richer, only because you have the clout. The ICC runs cricket throughout the world."

After the Board meeting on Thursday, the ICC stated in a media release that Manohar would head a five-member steering committee that would review the 2014 restructure of the ICC carried out by the trio of Srinivasan, then ECB chairman Giles Clarke and former CA chairman Wally Edwards in 2014.

"We need to revisit the Big 3 decisions. And stop calling it Big 3 from now onwards. He [Manohar] was very, very particular about that. Every member has equal rights," a Full Member director, who was present at the ICC Board meeting, said.

According to this official, Clarke, who is now the ECB president, remained quiet throughout the board meeting. Cricket Australian chairman David Peever, though, is understood to be on board with Manohar's idea to roll back the revamp.

The steering committee will have on board chiefs of the BCCI, the ECB and CA, and Manohar has asked all 10 Full Members to give their own comments on the issues they had with the resolutions passed in 2014. The committee will present its first report at the next round of ICC board meetings, scheduled to be held from April 16.

"There is a genuine appetite to revisit the financial model to better share the ICC funds," said a senior official of second Full Member country.

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  • Dreamerss Coleshill on February 9, 2016, 11:30 GMT

    Some people are talking nonsense here. India and its fans themselves dont generate the money from other means but cricket. Can indians emagine playing on its own and generate those incomes?. According to the ICC law every country pays portions to ICC of their revenue earned from matches after deducting their own shares. And ICC needs money to run its board, to help with its members, to develop more cricket. But right now the Giant 3 made ICC nothing a business entity which is the main issue. ICC's revenue should not be distributed as postions to any individual countries, only to be used for the sole interest of cricket worldwide

  • John on February 8, 2016, 17:09 GMT

    Let's divide the revenue by 10 equal shares. Kill the powerhouse, flop the show. Generations will continue to play backyard Cricket. Also Cricket should donate money to all the poor nations and get the grounds ready. Players are easy to find. Forget about ODI/Test, just T20 rules baby. No one knows what they r doing. It seems like, give a finger to hold and control the hand. Yeah its simple but a lot of people don't know.

  •   Showkat Khan on February 8, 2016, 13:45 GMT

    Human decency comes to mind when one thinks about Mr. Shashank Manohar. All the best to this wonderful gentleman. India should be proud to have a son like him! Bravo.

  • King on February 8, 2016, 5:14 GMT

    Despite the general goodwill now flowing toward Manohar, there are a few comments suggesting this is a bad decision and India should keep getting more than a fifth of ICC revenue, with the justification that 'India makes x amount of the revenue'. The reality is that it is not India that makes that revenue. It is cricket that makes that revenue. The existence of cricket, and the fact that there is more than one nation playing it, allows it to make money. It must, therefore, be used for the continued benefit of the sport, not the benefit of one or two countries who play it, regardless of how big those countries are.

  • John on February 7, 2016, 14:44 GMT

    Also that 3% is more than enough. They are not little kids anymore. You give them a finger to hold and now you are helping them to grab the whole hand. These habbits are never good in real life. Just my thinking....they couldn't take advantage with 3% funds. Now its time to cut the funds for some of them and fund other countries who are trying to hold your finger. Too bad they couldn't learn how to walk. Example ...Shiv ChanderPaul should have been treated better than Lara cuz he was the only bk bone left in WI but instead u know what they did. Just cuz they have no respect for Test Cricket everybody is looking for easy money. Enough said.

  • John on February 7, 2016, 12:51 GMT

    Just French little English....Valid point made by Manohar rich getting richer...... The point here is to promot Cicket not individual needs. While keeping that in mind, first of all India should set the perfect example by increasingn and filling the wage gaps for grounds crews ond others.. Manohar, have you ever seen a person sweeping the pitch during the innings break poor people doesn't even have proper slippers to wear and you are talking about go fund others when they just want to play for quick money 20/20 & shorter format. Of course rich gets richer cuz they work hard for it but doesn't mean to donate when they have to fix their own problems first. According to me this is a bad idea if India agrees to donate without hiking the pay of their own people first. Rome wasn't made in a day...here India is not even Rome yet and you are talking about 10 Rome's. Good luck.

  • mahi on February 7, 2016, 10:18 GMT

    @King-Dhoni I agree with you. There is a great need for enhancing our own country, we still don't have great fitness centers, grounds with the great infrastructure. more than ask these, we don't produce quality bowlers from such a huge population, still there are many states which has huge talents but no proper funding and encouragement. Manohar should first concentrate on our development.

  • Ravi on February 7, 2016, 9:42 GMT

    There was no equal rights when england ruled ICC.

    we need the extra revenue because we generate it. It comes from average indian public. Manohar should stop talking about rights, justice etc.

  • Ramana on February 7, 2016, 9:19 GMT

    I dont know where this guy Manohar is headed. India provides 70% of global cricket revenues. what is wrong with getting just 22% of that ?

    and whos talking abt rich getting richer ?? Mr Manohar, do you have any idea how India generates that revenue ? its out of the hundreds of millions of poor and middle class Indians who buy tickets (standing in long queues for hours and days in scorching sun), buy products advertised by Indian cricketers, watch cricket on TV (which is what generates the maximum money for cricket on planet Earth). These are not wealthy people. India's GDP per capita is $ 1,600 p.a. England, Australia and New Zealand are around $ 50,000 p.a. !!! The average ENG/AUS/NZ cricket fan is abt 30 times (yes, thats right, its NOT 30%, its THIRTY TIMES) richer than the average Indian cricket fan. And India needs huge resources to upgrade stadiums, provide training facilities, develop sports medicine, sponsor and support cricketing talent at all levels! CRICINFO:PL PUBLISH !

  • Rajasundram on February 7, 2016, 7:51 GMT

    Except in England, and possibly in Australia for the Ashes series, the stadiums are relatively empty. Two suggestions. 1. Reduce the prices for Test Matches for those who use the non-popular seating areas. 2. Allow free entry to school children. I am sure that cricketers would prefer playing before larger audiences

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