Australia A in England 2012 August 11, 2012

Hughes called up by Australia A


Phillip Hughes' fine form in county cricket has helped win him a call-up into the Australia A side to side to play England Lions at Edgbaston, following an injury to Peter Forrest.

Hughes, 23, who is in England playing for Worcestershire as their overseas player, scored a century at the same ground this week and became the first Worcestershire opener to carry his bat in a first-class game since 2008. He is leading the club's averages in all formats of the game, with a first-class average of 45.12, a T20 average of 100.50 and a List A average of 97.80.

Kevin Sims, Australia's A rehabilitation manager, said: "Peter Forrest sustained a minor side strain in the match against the England Lions at Old Trafford and with only one match remaining we have decided to send him home to prepare for the upcoming season."

Hughes, who has not played Test cricket since December, missed out on the original selection for the A tour, but has continued to work on his technique after it was exposed at the top level. His century against a strong Warwickshire attack this week was his first in first-class cricket since September.

His call-up is not such good news for Worcestershire. Sitting at the foot of the Division One table, they are already struggling for reliable batsmen and face an uphill battle to avoid relegation. Hughes will miss their Championship match against fellow strugglers Lancashire at New Road, but should be back ahead of the CB40 game against Leicestershire.

The first unofficial Test of the two-match series between Australia A and England Lions ended in a draw. The second begins at Edgbaston on Tuesday.

George Dobell is a senior correspondent at ESPNcricinfo

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  • Mick on August 14, 2012, 10:39 GMT

    What's all this Khawaja obsession. He made 328 runs for the 2011/2012 1st class season at 27.33 which was only marginally better than Hughes. There are plenty of batsmen out performing Khawaja. Forget him till he finds real consistency. Hughes is still a proven failure in my eyes. He also needs a good long period of consistency. Proven long term consistent performers is what Australia needs regardless of age, that are also in current good form. Not players who come in and out of form so often and continually disappoint, with perhaps greater leniency for bowlers to recover their form after injury.

  • John on August 14, 2012, 4:28 GMT

    @RednWhiteArmy & @VillageBlacksmith - at least AUS are on the improve in Tests - forget that recent 4-0 ODI anomly - it was probably cooked-up in concert with the Saffers to lull your big-headed mob into over-confidence - seems to have worked marvelously, 2-0 to the Saffers, and ENG back to #3 ranking; not where they deserve to be, but after IND give you a towelling in IND later this year, #5 ranking is just round the corner. Ahhhhh, a joy to behold. As for Hughesy, give him time & he'll come good, and don't over-scrutinise his technique. AUS will be feasting on the soft underbelly of ENG come next June. Bring it on!!

  • Chad on August 14, 2012, 4:14 GMT

    @Popcorn Really??? From what I recall he scored 38 or 39 in his first dig and failed at Lords during that game gloved down legside before being given caught off a half volley whilst on 19. Hardly the reason for us losing the Ashes.He deserved more time. But whats done is done and he needs a good 2 seasons plying his trade in first-class. Make no mistake though he WILL be back

  • Andrew on August 13, 2012, 23:29 GMT

    @leonidov - I think the Paine debut weighs in keeping ability more than just batting ability & the NSP must think he has real abilities that extend beyond just numbers. I do agree that Neville should get some more opportunities, particularly if he maintains the standard he has set so far, (potentially more upside than Wade), however he's not on this leg of the tour! As far as the cupboard being bare, the fact is Oz have plenty of batsmen not currently in the Test team, that are available, with FC averages over 40, & a few with averages around 50 or better! It says more about your perspective IMO! @CoorparooMaverick - as an opener, Watto averages over 40, which is an historical par, but below the likes of Langar & Hayden.

  • Andrew on August 13, 2012, 23:18 GMT

    @Dashgar - with the possible exception of Maddison (although he was selected I think for Zim A tour), ALL of those players suffered a decline AFTER National selection! The CURRENT problem (if Newspaper gossip is anything to go by), is a bit of disenchantment with the coach, the long term problem at NSW has been a tendancy to be constantly looking for the next prodigy, without working on what they already have. On one hand it is great for cricket, they turn over a lot of talent, that can ultimately be picked up by net importers of talent like Tas, SA or even WA. The negative, is that sometimes a bloke like Stuey Clark needs to be stuck with for a while before they bear fruit. I would be more worried about why QLD are producing more Test cricketers at the moment (I believe that will change soon), I think it's more about how the states integrate with the National set up (or vice versa), than pointing a finger at any one state, least of all the one that creates the most talent.

  • Harry on August 13, 2012, 15:07 GMT

    Good to see Forrest departing - he is really not going to be part of the future of Australian cricket in any format. The problem, in my mind, with Hughes is mental - he has a lot of natural ability, as his record only partially shows - it's the mental game he needs to rekindle (and certainly strengthen). Despite having a substandard domestic season, it would've been good to have seen Maddinson on the tour - another gifted player. At least Burns made the cut - deservedly so. It would be good to see Nevill get a game on Tuesday - he's had a difficult road to get this far (whereas Paine, apart from injury difficulties, has had a difficult road to get beyond 1 (one) first-class century - those calling for his selection must be from abroad - he's an ODI player at best). Bailey, by the way, didn't look too comfortable against Finn in the recent thumping. The cupboard, currently, is very bare.

  • Nicholas on August 13, 2012, 12:53 GMT

    @straight_drive4 (post on August 13 2012, 00:02 AM GMT): well congrats, you got your wish and your post is there for all to see. Don't tar us all with the same brush... I'm just as irked with some of the regular 'pommy' posters as I am with certain Aussie trolls that continuously post the same digs (sometimes word-for-word) on every England thread. As you should have guessed from my name, and indeed regular posts, I wouldn't take too much I write to heart. Smile more... you'll live a longer and happier life.

  • Tim on August 13, 2012, 11:40 GMT

    @Meety, Hughes and Khawaja (not to mention Smith, Maddinson, Henriques, Hazelwood and possibly more) burst onto the scene as kids looking like the world was theirs for the taking. But what has come next. They are all still playing like kids who need to "sort out their technique". The problem at NSW at the moment isn't finding and playing gifted youngsters. It's that they can't turn any into star players despite their obvious talent. At the moment it seems the best thing for a player to do is leave. Just like Cowan and Christian did and now Hughes and Khawaja have done. At the moment the only NSW players in the test team are Clarke, Warner and sometimes Starc or Haddin, despite the fact that nearly every player in their first XI has been in and around the squad recently. I don't know what it is but NSW has a really bad habit of turning prodigies into wasted talent.

  • Geoffrey on August 13, 2012, 10:44 GMT

    Great- more lead footed fodder for the young English bowlers. How much mental scar tissue would he have from when Freddy tore him a new one a few years ago? Made him jump like a frog. This current batch of young Aussie batsmen are hopeless.

  • Roo on August 13, 2012, 9:44 GMT

    @Someguy... re: Hughes - I wouldn't mind seeing him bat down at no.4 when Punter goes... A guy called Mr Cricket used to be an opener for WA but in Tests has been a middle order batsman & thrived there...

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