November 12, 2000

ECB term case against Caddick as closed

England paceman Andrew Caddick has escaped disciplinary action, probably for the time being, after he denied in an official match referee's hearing that he abused local umpire Sajjad Asghar and Pakistan.

Match referee and former Test spinner Farrukh Zaman told reporters on Saturday morning that Caddick contested that it was a case of isunderstanding. "(Andrew) Caddick denies using foul language against Pakistan and umpire (Sajjad Asghar). He explained (to me) that it was a case of misunderstanding," the match referee said.

Caddick allegedly abused the umpire and his country after his vociferous caught behind appeal against Akhtar Sarfaraz last evening was turned down.

On Saturday morning, Caddick along with his captain Nasser Hussain and coach Duncan Fletcher were summoned by Farrukh Zaman. "I didn't call the bowler on the complaint of the umpire. But because I saw something happening last evening. Caddick was asked to explain his conduct."

Farrukh refused to confirm or deny reports that Caddick sledged the National Bank batsman after the ball had definitely hit something before going into the gloves of Stewart. He, however, admitted that Caddick rejected Sajjad Asghar's claims that he had apologized to him for the incident.

Farrukh said Sajjad Asghar would be submitting his complain in his official report. He added that Caddick's statement and the umpire's report would be forwarded to the Pakistan Cricket Board (PCB) for further action.

Meanwhile, the ECB in a press statement, read out to the newsmen by the team's media officer said: "The match referee spoke of Duncan Fletcher `informally' this morning and subsequently to Andrew Caddick. Andrew Caddick explained that there has been a misunderstanding between himself and the umpire and that he has been incorrectly quoted in newspaper reports. "As a matter, of course, the match referee will send his report to the PCB. The umpire has not made any formal complaint against Andrew Caddick. And this England team considers the matter closed," the statement said.