ECB under fire July 20, 2009

Collier defiant on future of P20

Cricinfo staff

ECB chief executive David Collier insisted that no decision had been made over the future of the P20 tournament, despite reports that its future was in doubt after opposition from counties.

The competition, which had been scheduled to be played over three weeks in June from 2010 onwards, has run into serious concerns over funding, while several counties are opposed to the drastic alteration to the English domestic schedule that would be required to make way for it. Doubts have also been raised over the ability of English teams to participate in the BCCI-run Champions League.

"We're looking at various options that are available for the future," Collier told the BBC. "There are two basic options which are two competitions during the year or one competition over a prolonged period of time.

"The one competition has its advantages in that it doesn't create confusion in the market place, plus the fact that over a period of time, international players can come in and out to play for the counties. The two-competition basis has the advantage of a very concentrated base, where you have players around the world who tend not to play much cricket in June.

"They are the choices we're going to make with the counties who we're going to consult with over the next month."