ICC World Cup Qualifiers 2009 April 10, 2009

Pearman backs Logie's Bermuda criticism

Cricinfo staff

The fall-out following Bermuda's dismal, showing in the ICC World Cup Qualifiers, with their resulting loss of full ODI status, continues to rumble on. Days after coach Gus Logie's no-holes-barred attack on the players' attitude, board president Reggie Pearman has joined in the criticism of the team.

"The performances in a lot of cases have not been what we had expected and we have fallen down on those performances," he told Bermuda's Royal Gazette. "It all boils down to a sense of pride, and I don't think it has hit everybody. I think we have lost that national pride and it's not only in cricket. It's just a whole different mindset today and I don't think our guys read the game or talk enough about cricket to each other. I think they just talk when the game is on and then when it's over don't think about it anymore.

"I think the general attitude of the players has to change because we have got to want it. When we first qualified for the World Cup in 2005 we realised that once you are on this stage it's a whole new ball game all together. You are on the world stage and everything has to change, but it hasn't to an extent."

Pearman also touched on the fact that money was pumped into the game, both from the ICC and the government, with little to show. "[We] have put a lot of money into cricket and have caught hell all the way around. We bent over backwards in lot of areas and given the players what they want. They asked for money and they are now perhaps the highest paid Associate."

While Logie has been unfairly blamed by many for the on-field shambles, Pearman refused to agree and even backed comments he made to Cricinfo. "I think he's justified in saying what he did because who else would know the team better than him? Gus could see that those guys could do better.

"I think Gus has done a Yeoman job working with what he has to work with. He's not always going to get it right, but I can sympathize with him. Gus has played the game at the pro level and so our guys should try and take a page from his book."