IPL news July 12, 2012

RCB players in the lurch over payments

Sharda Ugra and Nagraj Gollapudi

Several leading India and overseas players contracted to Royal Challengers Bangalore, including team captain Daniel Vettori, are awaiting the first instalment of their fees for the 2012 season. Australia allrounder Andrew McDonald is believed to be another player who has not been paid, along with some members of the support staff. The South Africa Cricketers' Association confirmed to ESPNcricinfo that five South Africans had outstanding payments due to them from the Royal Challengers. The South African cricketers on the Royal Challengers roster include A B DeVilliers, Charl Langeveldt and Rilee Rossouw.

Though this is the first season that Royal Challengers have delayed on payments on this scale, the players affected are concerned by the lack of response from franchise officials to their queries. The news comes at a time when the Bangladesh Premier League is in the headlines for non-payment of salaries to its overseas players.

Franchise officials, including team director Siddhartha Mallya, did not respond to repeated requests over several days by ESPNcricinfo for comments on the issue.

The development coincides with the well-documented financial difficulties being faced by the UB group, the franchise owners. Royal Challengers Bangalore are owned by businessman Vijay Mallya through UB Sports Pvt Ltd, a group subsidiary. In recent months, Mallya's airline, Kingfisher Airlines, has been found to be in debt of $1.3b. Recent rumours of the sale of the team's stake have been denied by the UB Group, with a spokesman saying: "There is no question of a stake sale in the Royal Challengers Bangalore team."

The players affected include those from India, South Africa, Australia, New Zealand and Sri Lanka. It is believed that Chris Gayle, though, has been paid his contracted amount. "Gayle is looked after separately," a Royal Challengers player said.

Under every identical tri-partite IPL contract, signed between the player, the franchise and the IPL, clause 1.a.i (which covers the schedule of payments) spells out the payment break-up: the player receives 15% of his fee for the season by April 1 (before the IPL or early into it), 50% by May 1 (during the IPL or towards its end), 20% after the Champions League T20 and the remaining 15% by December 1. As of today, Royal Challengers has not met this schedule, with several players still owed 65% of the fee owed to them, nor has it provided any explanation for the delay. It is understood the players emailed the management after the season finished in May, but did not receive a straightforward response.

Heath Mills, the chief of the New Zealand Players Cricket Association (NZPCA), said he'd heard about the delay from Vettori on Monday. "It's disappointing that some of the players have not been paid to date. We hope they are paid before this issue becomes more serious. It really isn't right that people are not paid for work they have already completed, and I can't imagine anyone in any workplace environment being overly happy about that."

"Nobody has come back to us, to let us know what is going on," a player said, under the condition of anonymity. "The people, at the moment, are in the dark. Normally there are one or two cases of delayed payments that we have seen in the previous seasons."

Some players are known to have written even to the Royal Challengers' head coach Ray Jennings, who was unavailable for comment. The players just want to know what the problem is; a clear response will leave them much more comfortable. "There must be a problem. But I need to have awareness of the problem," another player said. "We are adult enough to understand if there is a problem, that is fine, but we have to see how we resolve the issue from here."

Additional reporting by Tariq Engineer, Brydon Coverdale, Sidharth Monga and Firdose Moonda

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  • Dummy4 on July 15, 2012, 12:13 GMT

    Tim May come out come out wherever you are..... :)

  • Andy on July 14, 2012, 15:49 GMT

    @Yasir Azmal: So u mean to say BD fans have been too impressive comparing an apple with an orange ? IPL compared to BPL ? What kind of joke is this ? All the franchises failing to pay vs a single franchise failing to pay,the reason for that every Indian & RCB crew themselves know. Its not an hidden fact @Vilander: Yeah in your dreams sire. Though honestly I want to see all these damn leagues to be off including IPL, BBL, BPL and what not.. there is nothing happening to the top 2 leagues IPL and BBL for sure, other leagues can't be given the same assurance. @Tauhid Ahmed Bappy: We have been calling BD a potential side for past 12 years, this is not 1950's or 1960's where u lacked technology and stuffs, inspite of having all of this BD has never risen to occasion other than the odd wins once a blue moon. If really BD turn out like another SL, I would be the first person to be happy but sir I like to live in the world of reality, the reality is BD is on a slope it can fall either side.

  • Andy on July 14, 2012, 15:40 GMT

    @reyme: You guys never seem to learn from your BD friends mistakes, don't you get bored at this honestly ? ICL has nothing to do with BCCI, ICL was shut down because they lost their sponsors & they were offering too much for the players - above their limit, lets not get ICL into this, I don't care about it. Its a false promise bcoz BCB promised twice not once when delay occurred that they would clear out of the payments, here BCCI nor IPL governing body have been directly contacted so far regarding the payment issue not the same case with BCB, so compare apple with apple not an apple with an orange. Can u recollect who were the players who went to court for the payment ? They were the players who weren't even present in India for the season but they wanted to get paid, so better get your facts right. @Rezaul: Its not double standards as BCCI hasn't been asked to step in as of now, not the same case with BCB, where the issue was directly brought upto BCB twice before the threaten hppd.

  • Sakthi on July 14, 2012, 13:45 GMT

    Its only more Bangladesh fans complaining and as per the report the players not complaining about this. This hilarious that IPL is compared with BPL. I dont know how to compare that. Winning against 2 string SA team or once in blue moon with test team wont put you in top.

  • Rezaul on July 14, 2012, 4:38 GMT

    I would love to see FICA president give his statement on this issue. He was/is so vocal against BPL that he even called players to boycott BPL next season. I doubt whether he is going to say the same about RCB/IPL. Thats the double standard in the name of professionalism.

  • Shafin on July 14, 2012, 0:57 GMT

    @serious-am-i Only $70K is due out of millions of $ for ALL the international players combined and that is also due to some miscommunication. So the players are paid off and if someone is NOT fully he already got at least 95% by now. How is that a false promise then? On the other hand non payment issue is not the first timer in IPL. In case you dont know players were even gone to court to get their payments. ICL is also known for its non payment saga thus eventually got shut down. .

  • Dummy4 on July 14, 2012, 0:47 GMT

    i read some of the Indian fans comments....its really hurting...u guys have to-much ego man...'Don't fly too far,u will be fall" ...remember it man....this is not the only summer,more summer is coming...........................

  • aj on July 13, 2012, 23:19 GMT

    contact Tim May at tbamay@gmail.com

    FICA web address is http://www.thefica.com/en/contact-us

  • Muthuvel on July 13, 2012, 22:29 GMT

    I am bangladeshi fan, IPL is not paying players, BPL has payed players. Start ignoring IPL for next 10 years, and i mean it !! :))

  • Dummy4 on July 13, 2012, 19:54 GMT

    @serious am i_ may be u don't have any idea about the difference among a minnow, a potential and a strong side..Bd are not bexactly a strong side but they have potential...i know Indian guys will back RCB up..and MR TIM MAY will also play his silent role

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