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MS Dhoni gives up India's ODI and T20 captaincy

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Bal: Right decision for Dhoni and the team

MS Dhoni has stepped down as captain of India's limited-overs teams ahead of the ODIs and T20Is against England in January. He will still be available for selection as a wicketkeeper-batsman for the series, though, the BCCI said on Wednesday evening.

The selectors are meeting to pick the ODI and T20I squads on January 6 in Mumbai. The BCCI did not immediately name a successor for the matches against England, though Virat Kohli, who leads India in Test cricket, is the frontrunner for the job.

It is understood Dhoni, 35, communicated his decision to chairman of selectors MSK Prasad in Nagpur, where the Jharkhand side that is being mentored by Dhoni was playing Gujarat in the semi-finals of the Ranji Trophy. Dhoni was seen having a long conversation with Prasad during the tea break. "We all know his sense of integrity and patriotism, and he has got high clarity in thinking," Prasad told ESPNcricinfo. "Probably he felt that is the best decision, so let us respect it."

Dhoni's manager Arun Pandey said the decision had not been impulsive. "You don't take a decision like this overnight. It was well thought out. Dhoni thought this was the right time to step aside and continuing playing as wicketkeeper-batsman," Pandey told PTI. "His thinking was that he has built the crux of the team now and it is the right time to give up captaincy. He is not someone who would cling on to something. For him, the team's interests are first and foremost."

Dhoni had given up the Test captaincy in December 2014, when he retired from the format after the Melbourne Test. However, he stayed on as ODI and T20 international captain after having taken on those roles in 2007.

He was India's most successful captain, leading the team to victory in the 2007 World T20 in South Africa, the 2011 World Cup in India, and the 2013 Champions Trophy in England. Dhoni captained India in 199 ODIs, of which he won 110 and lost 74. He was captain in 72 T20Is, of which India won 41 and lost 28. He was also India's most successful Test captain, with 27 wins, 18 defeats and 15 draws.

Dhoni is also the only captain to have led India to ODI and T20I series wins in Australia, and an ODI series win in New Zealand.

He made 6633 ODI runs as captain at an average of 54 and a strike rate of 86. As captain in T20Is, Dhoni scored 1112 runs at a strike rate of 122.60. In Test cricket, he made 3454 runs at an average of 40.63.

"On the behalf of every Indian cricket fan and the BCCI, I would like to thank MS Dhoni for his outstanding contribution as the captain of the Indian team across all formats," BCCI chief executive Rahul Johri said. "Under his leadership, Indian team has touched new heights and his achievements will remain etched forever in the annals of Indian cricket."

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  • shenba0290702 on June 27, 2017, 15:46 GMT

    MSD... You are a legend....

  • Vilayanur on January 7, 2017, 22:22 GMT

    Over the last three to four years, in ODI and T20 matches, Dhoni has pushed himself ahead of talented specialist batsmen in this format such as Raina and come up short. He has entered games with India in a winnable position with plenty of wickets in hand. Rather than play his natural game, he has gotten bogged down, blocking balls needlessly so he can settle down and take the game to the last ball. Needless to say, this resulted in India snatching defeat from the jaws of victory multiple times.

    If Dhoni is selected, the team ought to have a plumber at the ready to clear up the clogging in the middle by our erstwhile fearless leader.

  • Muthuvel on January 7, 2017, 14:24 GMT

    Overseas test win in SA and Aus besides that he won everything in cricket. Everything. Best LOI wk bat, best LOI captain,best captain for India ever.

  • psrina7212976 on January 7, 2017, 3:05 GMT

    Greatest captain of india is leaving, comeon guys giving him credit. All haters, who said all good is because of the form of batsmen (like fab4, Gauthi, Yuvi etc.) should understand, all these players are there in before captain's team as well. But we are not able to get world cup until 2011. Some of them suggested that Fab 4 is the real reason for his success, i have very much respect on FAB4, yes they contributed that is because they are in team. What is wrong with players contribution in a team of captain, i don't understand. And what is wrong it is considered as captain win if all efforts are grouped towards team success. If you can name some people for their contribution in each match, it will be there (like Gauthi contribution towards final, Yuvi contribution towards world cups etc.) but what about other matches. And what about the matches won by captain cool( i can say till now he is the most contributed captain around wins as finisher. In future VK may replace).

  •   Chris Silva on January 7, 2017, 1:44 GMT

    Doni is fully aware that Koli is ready to take over. It is always better to leave before you are made to leave. Doni has done India proud. Koli will do well if only he learns quickly to be socially acceptable and politically correct.

  • jknair9411340 on January 6, 2017, 16:38 GMT

    MS was one of the best captains the world had seen . Some people claim that it is only because of the players he possessed that India had a very good record under him . But this statement is only partially true . A good requires a calm captain who can assess the situations well . This man had all qualities . I just don't understand why some people criticize him . It is not fair . We have seen most of the who payed under him appreciating his captaincy including Kohli . Even Kohli understands the importance of MS in the team . But here some people doesn't understand . Everyone should realize that there is nobody better than Dhoni in keeping, not even in the whole world . I would have loved him to continue his captaincy . Showing no disrespect to Kohli . He is a great batsman, no doubt about that . But he should still improve his captancy skills under Dhoni . People say he is a aggressive captain but aggression is not just the enough for captaincy .

  • Mahadev on January 6, 2017, 13:32 GMT

    Not sure its right decision by Mr. Captain Cool : MSD to quit captaincy on his own. I was bit sad yesterday when I heard this as I am big fan of MSD and my son is die-hard fan of him. If he has taken decision on his own, it should be RIGHT only as always since he is a matured guy. Hope Kohli will be able to fulfill his shoes in ODIs and T20s too. We are going to miss his active involvement on the fields, almost for each ball, especially his waving hands , guiding to team-mates. His contributions to Indian cricket is immense and given a respectful vision to Indian cricket by winning/finishing big games. His leadership skills and handling pressure situations cooly will be missed. For me after our current PM (great leader Sri Modiji), our captain cool, MSD should be made as the PM ;) after 2 terms of Modiji. So that his leadership skills carry India forward. I am sure he will succeed in politics too due to his earned respect/popularity. Hope his fans will agree. Keep playing as a FINISHER

  • Kalyan on January 6, 2017, 13:03 GMT

    Everything India won under Dhoni's captaincy was despite him being the captain, not because of it. Calling him captain cool when he actually was captain lethargic and captain excuses. As captain he enjoyed the credit of some of the best years of amazing people like Sehwag, Gambhir, Yuvi, Zaheer, Bhajji and of course Fab 3-4. You really think these personalities needed a captain? And when they actually needed one, during their bad days, how he treated them was again for the world to see. And once these guys faded away, the results were there for everyone to see. And had it not been for kohli, imagine how much more bad would they have looked. He had 4-5 years as ODI captain and yet has not been able to find 2 decent fast bowlers and no one has been able to nail the No.4 or No.5 spot yet in the team. Most successful captain, Sure! The greatest/best captain, never. He was an average captain at best who was neither tactically good nor knew how to handle his men and just wanted Yes-Men.

  • Kalyan on January 6, 2017, 13:01 GMT

    Here are the facts: WoldT20 - Yuvraj's show. Gambhir owned the final and lots of contributions from others. Sure, I will give a little credit to Dhoni here. World Cup: Yuvi and Zaheer's show. Gambhir in finals, India came to the finals despte Dhoni as a batsman and captain. Test No 1: Sehwag and Zaheer with amazing contributions from Lakshi bhai, Gambhir, Bhajji and of course Tendlya and dravid. You must acknowledge the work Kumble also did before Dhoni eventually got the captaincy. Again, India became No 1 despite him as captain and is contribution with bat during that time was the worst among all the top 7. Champions trophy: Dhawan's show

  • Kalyan on January 6, 2017, 13:00 GMT

    against Aus and Pak. The 2 centuries Sachin scored that WC, it was because of Dhoni's captaincy that India tied/lost both the matches. Yes he played in the finals, but Gambhir was always the MOM that match. Name one innings of note of his in the Champions trophy? How can you call a captain the best when all through his career, he had no idea how get the best out of his fast bowlers?