Undegoes one-hour operation in London March 27, 2006

Tendulkar surgery successful

Cricinfo staff

Sachin Tendulkar: likely to miss the Caribbean tour © AFP
Sachin Tendulkar has had a successful keyhole operation on his right shoulder in London this afternoon. "He underwent arthroscopic (keyhole) surgery to stabilise the shoulder joint and decompress the cyst," Andrew Wallace, a consultant orthopaedic surgeon, said after an hour-long surgery at the Hospital of St John and St Elizabeth.

"The surgery proceeded successfully without any complications," Wallace continued. "At the time of the operation, we found clear evidence of instability associated with a tear of the rim of the socket of the shoulder joint. The tear extended through 75% of the biceps tendon and had created a large cyst that was impinging on a nearby nerve. The damaged biceps tendon was divided and reattached to the shaft of the humerus [upper arm bone].

"His arm will be immobilised in a sling for up to six weeks and it is unlikely that he will be fit for selection for international cricket for up to two to three months, depending on regular review," Wallace added. That effectively rules him out of the tour of the Caribbean which starts on May 18.

Tendulkar will spend the night in hospital before being discharged on Tuesday.