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Supreme Court suggests new IPL probe panel

ESPNcricinfo staff

The Supreme Court has suggested the formation of a new three-member panel to inquire into the corruption allegations in IPL 2013, and said that N Srinivasan should continue to abstain from discharging his duties as BCCI president. The hearing to decide on the composition of the inquiry panel is scheduled for Tuesday, but it was reported the court had recommended that former High Court judge Mukul Mudgal head it.

A bench of Justices AK Patnaik and JS Kehar also proposed the names of senior advocate and additional solicitor general N Nageshwar Rao and Assam Cricket Association member Nilay Dutta to be part of the panel.

The bench said that the panel would conduct an independent inquiry into the allegations and submit its report to the Supreme Court.

Cricket Association of Bihar (CAB) secretary Aditya Verma, who had filed the petition against the BCCI and Srinivasan, said he would request that the Supreme Court monitor the working of the inquiry panel. "We will be satisfied if this probe panel investigation is conducted directly under the supervision of the honourable Supreme Court," he said.

The court also heard on Monday a plea from the BCCI to allow Srinivasan to resume functioning as president because it said his absence was affecting cricket administration. The court said it would consider the request if Srinivasan stayed away from all matters concerning the IPL.

Srinivasan had been allowed to contest the BCCI elections on September 29 by the Supreme Court, but with a rider which said that if he won, he could not take charge as president as long as it was hearing the case related to him and the board. That ruling came on a petition filed by the CAB seeking to restrain Srinivasan from running for re-election pending the verdict on a petition filed in July. A day after Srinivasan was re-elected unopposed as BCCI president, the Supreme Court deferred its decision on the CAB petition until October 7.

The matter dates back to a plea that the CAB filed in June, raising charges of conflict of interest in the formation of the two-member inquiry panel set up to inquire allegations of corruption in the IPL. A Bombay High Court ruling later termed the probe panel "illegal". The BCCI and the CAB filed petitions in the Supreme Court against this order, with the CAB contending that the Bombay High Court could have suggested a fresh mechanism to look into the corruption allegations.

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  • Dinesh on October 7, 2013, 14:34 GMT

    @ramli? what other 'Good team'? Eng is not available as they are going to Aus so too Aus. Anyhow we are going Eng next year for 5 tests. We just played against Aus already. We can't play against Pak. WI are coming for 2 tests. NZ and Ban are going to be engaged from next week. Did I missed SL? No, not again, better lets have another IPL then.

  • vas on October 7, 2013, 14:23 GMT

    Srinivasan's father was one of two co founders of india cements and both of them co-owned the company. But now it has become a public ltd company and has more than 100,000 share holders. Are they all owners according to IPL rules?

  • RAJARAMAN on October 7, 2013, 13:23 GMT

    Hallo ... what if SA tour does not take place now? Won't there be some good teams to play instead? Why this obsession with SA tour? Can't we play SA later some day when the relations improve between the two boards? There were days when foreign teams were reluctant to tour India as well as host India. Let them wait NOW.

  • Dinesh on October 7, 2013, 11:43 GMT

    @Haleos, so what you imply is that TN/CSK is not part of India? I am a Punjabi, if this makes any difference, but I said was either sack Srini (in very polite words, but you did not seems to read too well) or let him function. There is no point keep it hanging.

  • Rakesh on October 7, 2013, 10:26 GMT

    @ReverseSweepIndia - You seem to be a CSK/TN fan than an Indian. True Indian fans want BCCI to be clean and be responsible to the nation and pay taxes. Also Being the No 1 team does not guarantee a victory. India was No 1 when they lost to England.

  • Rakesh on October 7, 2013, 10:22 GMT

    BCCI says his absence affecting administration. What a joke. His presence is there all the time. But hats to Hon Supreme Court. Justice should be served

  • Dummy4 on October 7, 2013, 9:47 GMT


    BCCI had never expressed that they can't take a decision on SA matter. BCCI had never expressed any excuse about its head was not allowed to function. SA matter is completely irrelevant to Supreme Court matter. As an Indian Fan, you should be shamed about such allegations again & again. Not a single IND local talent had expressed that they can't face no.1 or they are not eager to meet SA. They don't even think about any fear of loosing. We have witnessed this in last 10 days in CLT20. I am not sure about you being Indian but making such comments consistently suggests motivated attempt to disgrace IND or BCCI. We have equally best line up to take on your so called mighty line-up of ABD, Amla, Kallis & Smith. The court has directed right orders to Srini not to participate in any BCCI administrations and asking for fresh IPL probe. BCCI confirmed ENG, NZL & AUS tour without Srini. Your allegation on BCCI for excuses is completely rejected.

  • vas on October 7, 2013, 8:17 GMT

    Justices chota and Balasubramanium are retired high court judges. The proposed new panel consists of a retired high court judge and lawyers. So not much difference between the two panels. The only difference now is that the police charge sheet is available to the new panel.

  • Dinesh on October 7, 2013, 8:14 GMT

    I do not think SA tour is going to take place, BCCI get one more excuse that because its head is not allowed to function, they can not take a decision on the matter. As an Indian fan, I will see it as great matter of shame if our youngsters are deprived this opportunity to test their mettle against the finest bowling attack. Youngsters, whom I believe will stand on their own on this tour, they might lose (they will probably, because opposition is #1, and there is a reason why they are #1), so they may lose, but they won't be disgraced. I would have love to see Bhuvi, a guy who can move it around in dust-bowls, is sure going to cause ripple against that mighty line-up of ABD, Amla, Kallis & Smith. Court should take a clear stand either remove Srini or allow him to function. His functioning can allow us to atleast watch 2 tests and his removal, I reckon can make it 3 tests series too.

  • Dummy4 on October 7, 2013, 7:16 GMT

    SC of India has to be commended for adhering to laws of the country. Those who think that justice cannot be served need to think again. Srinivasan has to clear his name in order to preside over a prestigious organisation like BCCI. The throwing of mud and sorts of allegations at BCCI has to stop.

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