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I'm helping younger bowlers deal with pressure - Morkel

ESPNcricinfo staff

Morne Morkel, the Delhi Daredevils fast bowler, has said he has been helping the younger bowlers in his side to deal with pressure of performing in the IPL. Morkel, who is currently the leading wicket-taker this season with 25 wickets, said a strong showing by Daredevils' bowlers has helped the team make the playoffs.

"It's always good to be standing next to the bowler, clear his mind, tell him to focus on the next ball and calm his nerves," Morkel told Indian Express. "You can be put under great pressure in 24 balls. How you handle those moments is crucial. My job is to keep talking to the bowlers when times are bad, tell them it is okay. I remember when I was under pressure, it was always nice to have a guy next to me and tell me feel-good things."

Morkel, who has shared the new ball with Varun Aaron and Umesh Yadav this season, said India's fast bowlers have the potential to be lethal, if they are guided properly. "In India, they play non-stop cricket, and these guys bowl a great amount. To play and bowl fast consistently, you need to have a window of two months where these bowlers are told, they are not going to bowl at all and only do strengthening and gym work.

"I can't see why India can't produce or compete with the best fast bowlers. They have Umesh, Varun, (Parvinder) Awana is bowling real quick and you have (Ashok) Dinda. It's a question of managing these guys. That's how we have gone about in South Africa, whatever cricket I play, I don't remember missing a Test match for South Africa."

With nine fast bowlers in Daredevils' line-up this season, Morkel said he was under pressure to perform from the start of the tournament, in order to stay in the playing XI. "When I started off for the IPL, I realised with the quality we have, I might get only a handful of games, so I needed to grab my opportunities.

"Thankfully, the wind is blowing the right way for me, but there's no complacency. I have to be on top of the game every day to get a permanent slot. I knew if I didn't get it right, not many would point at me because it's a batsman's game, but I wanted to prove myself and am happy to have done my bit."

Morkel said that though the odds favour the batsmen in the shorter format, bowlers must focus on doing the basics. "The most important thing for a fast bowler is to remember that when you enter the field, you must expect that you can go for runs on that day and guys can play with your ego.

"You try not to look too much into it, but if you are caught up in those things, you are going the wrong way. They can reverse-sweep, or sweep you, even me. Things like that have happened. T20 is a great entertaining for crowd, and that's what I tell myself and forget about it."

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  • Wicky on May 24, 2012, 9:02 GMT

    @g.narishma,ur two whitewashes dn't cntribute to our hapines at al(honestly),as we believ in our team only,our present team z nt ful of stars bt it z a star team which z betr than ful of stars team,plz check ur stats again regardng pak vs eng,ind vs eng,we r stil way way ahead of u,tel me how do u gauge d greatnes of a time,obviously with ovrall impact nt with once in a whil victories,can u deny pak vs wi 16-15,ind vs wi 14-30 respctvly,if U R so mindful of ur team's repute,why did u point out to our presnt bowlng linup in ds thread,nobdy can dny pak's bowlng greats(spin+fast)

  • narsimha on May 24, 2012, 8:02 GMT

    WICKYROY PAK LOVER - AS PER STAS india was the only team which challenged both WI, AUS during their domination . WE WON SERIES IN 71 in wi i, the little master SUNILGAWASKAR scured heavily in WI AGAIST LIKES OF ROGERTS , HOLDING& CO we are the record holder for seccessfully chasing highest total to win a test in WI in 74 AGAIST THE LIKS OF THAT FEARSOME BOWLING , WE WON wc in 83 in eng BEATING LLOYADS ALL CONQURING TEAM, SO MY DEAR U STILL DATE COULd NOT WIN A SERIES THERE, MAKING TALL CLAIMS, SEE MY DEAR I HAVE ALREADY POSTED IN SEVERAL PAGES THAT WE DONT HAVE ANY PROBLM IF U THINK OF U R PLAYERS AS LIKE BUT DONT COMPARE & insult our players , the way u people gloting u r team , u r bowlers, than u r team must have been all time great winning all matches all over the world but thats not the case stats says other story u r not better than us while plying in aus, eng, sa , thats it , so be happy on leading in overall , or our 2 white washes ,

  • Dummy4 on May 24, 2012, 4:02 GMT

    agree with g. narsimha & wikroy.paklover

  • Dummy4 on May 23, 2012, 9:27 GMT

    @g.narishma, lol right,the last time we went to england we drew with australia in tests, won the T20 series and lost 3-1 and 3-2 to england but guys got white washed in all formats. And we unlike you guys don't play half of our matches at our home infact we don't play any match in pakistan. We just thrashed england recently and won the asia cup , yeah the same asia cup in which bangladesh beat you easily. Head to head we are light years ahead of you guys as well so please go and act tough infront of some bangladeshis.

  • Dummy4 on May 23, 2012, 9:18 GMT

    indiarulesicc, tbh you're right because it's hard to believe that the wc winners would get white washed in both australia and in england. It really is hard to digest.

  • Wicky on May 23, 2012, 5:56 GMT

    @g.narishma some of my brothrly indians are gd at divergng d topic(as u did),as far as our fast bowlng z cncernd ,we r wrld beatrs,have any othr producd d greatest fast bowlrs of al times like wasim(easily d greatest fast bowlr of all time),waqar(probably 2nd bst with mcgrath,donald,marshal,shoaib (d only fastest in d world of his times,i thng dada z ist playr to use full guard 4 body aftr ths,lolz),imran khan(easily d greatst all roundr of his time),U talk about 1980's, ask ur any impartial indian n u would know who were d real chalengrs to mighty windies of all times,pak vs wi scor 16-15 in pak's favor,ind vs wi18-32 in windies favor,plz accept ur team was a minnow before 2000,pak was nevr except of initial era,pak has 3rd bst ovral win los ratio in tst aftr aus,eng(they r plyng 4 130 yrs,we r nt),pak vs ind 69-48 in pak's favr in odis,pak vs ind,12-9 in pak's favr,u won more against aus,eng bcoz ur team playd much more than us with them,

  • narsimha on May 23, 2012, 2:57 GMT

    XYLO- We dont need certificate, baring the recent 2 away series our batting always performed how could u forget the near 300 score in DAKA against u r so called best bowling they could not defend huse score . thats the strenght of our batting i am sure u will rack up recent loses in eng, aus in the last decade that was the only failure but ur team was also equally p-athetic in AUS, ENG last they visited .

  • narsimha on May 23, 2012, 2:20 GMT

    wickyroy.paklover-yaa we never ever forget the thrashing in ENG, AUS , BUT AT THE SAME TIME MY DEAR FRIEND CAN U ENLIGHTEN ME what is u r score line in AUS, LAST U R GREAT TEAM VISITED THERE , & in EMG if we lost 4-0 , u too lost 3-1 , if u have that much a magnificent fast bowling where are the result , u soppose to be world beaters stats prove that we won more matches agaist all top team,s right from champions of champions final in AUS in 1986 where our team thrashed u r best team we thrashed u in all over the world in SA, ENG, SL AUS, DAKA , ONLY ranking our recent loses of no use see where ustand. now its proved that u r fast bowlers cant win matches , spinners are doing the job but once u go out side asia we have seen what happened u r not better than india, baring these 2 series loses we done better than u in the last decade chech the stats , but while plying INDIA u r spinners also useless as it proved in SL, IN WC & recently in DAKA where so called great bowling failed

  • Wicky on May 22, 2012, 19:48 GMT

    @rahulcrickt007,do u mean u dn't need fast bowlers in d future as wel,as u can win without fast bowlrs,btw sami,talha,anwar ali ,rahat ali dn't bowl 150 occasionaly bt actualy cnsistntly with this speed,talent hunt camp have been initiatd in lahor by pcb so u indians need nt to wory about us bt plz cncntrate on ur fast bowlrs fitnes levels@IndiaRulesevrybody,thanks 4 reminding man! I had recolect to much ,btw is ths d same team which kept on recievng thrashngs outside hme 4 last one year,lols,mark my words there are lot more to come ur way man,btw,why would we cry?jst bcoz we r asian chams n soon going to cmpet with sa,aus 4 no.1,no.2 spot in tests inshalah

  • India on May 22, 2012, 18:15 GMT

    @ Muhammed Ibrahim -- Still can't digest that India are the World Champions? LOl .. Keep crying!

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